When will ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ Leave Netflix?

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how to get away with murder leaving netflix

It’s been a while since How to Get Away with Murder was on our screens with new seasons and the entire collection has been streaming on Netflix for a while but that won’t be forever. The countdown as to when How to Get Away with Murder will leave Netflix for Disney’s own services is on, here’s when we’re expecting that to be.

The show aired on ABC which is owned by Disney. In recent years, Disney has been ruthless in acquiring back its content from services like Netflix to feed its Disney+ globally or its Hulu service in the US.

In some instances, Disney has opted to buy back its licenses (or forgo future license revenue) such as what we saw when it bought back The Defenders from Netflix earlier in 2022. Other titles have been allowed to age out of their old contracts which is what we expect to happen here.

As some have already speculated, How to Get Away with Murder will also leave Netflix eventually but we can go one step ahead of them and

When will How to Get Away with Murder leave Netflix US?

The good news for those in the United States is that the series still looks to be on its legacy contract with ABC.

As per most other ABC shows, How to Get Away with Murder will expire either two or four years following its final season addition to Netflix. Given that the date for the final season addition was June 13th, 2020 we’re expecting the removal date to be June 13th, 2022, or 2024. We’ve been informed, however, that in this instance it’ll like be the latter case.

It’s also worth mentioning that Shonda Rhimes, who works with Netflix extensively as we outlined above, may have some say at potentially keeping the show streaming beyond its expiration date (something we saw for Ryan Murphy shows until they all left.)

In the US, we suspect the show will stream on Hulu once it’s left Netflix.

For a full breakdown of when Disney’s remaining titles leave Netflix (specifically in the US) visit our guide here.

When will How to Get Away with Murder leave Netflix internationally?

We’ve also been informed that the show will leave in 2024 in places like the United Kingdom. There, the expiration date is reportedly set for December 9th, 2024. This, just like the United States, is exactly four years after the final season arrived in the country.

Hulu doesn’t exist outside of the US so once How to Get Away With Murder leaves Netflix, we’d expect to see it within the Disney+ Star tile.

Will you miss How to Get Away With Murder when it leaves Netflix in 2024? Let us know in the comments down below.

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