When will Season 6 & 7 of ‘Outlander’ be on Netflix?

Outlander season 6 is now on Netflix in multiple regions around the world and will hit more regions in 2023.

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Outlander – Picture: Starz / Sony Pictures Television

Outlander season 6 is either on or will be on Netflix in most regions worldwide, with a seventh season on the way too. Here’s the full Netflix release schedule for Outlander season 6 and 7.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Television, Outlander is a Starz Original that’s been on the air since 2014. Its most recent season, season 6, consisted of 8 episodes and aired between March 6th and May 1st, 2022 (remember this date for later on.) The series continues to be a juggernaut, and while a seventh season has yet to be confirmed, a prequel series is on the way.

The fantasy series frequently appears in Netflix’s top 10s across the world, with most Netflix regions carrying the show but in different capacities.

The sixth season of Outlander sees a continuation of Claire and Jamie’s fight to protect those they love as they navigate the trials and tribulations of life in colonial America.

When will Outlander be on Netflix Canada, Australia and other regions?

Many regions of Netflix received weekly episodes of Outlander season 6 and as a result all episodes are streaming now. These regions include:

  • Belgium
  • France
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Japan
  • Hong Kong
  • Poland (no Netflix Original branding)
  • South Korea
  • Singapore

Most other main regions of Netflix will receive Outlander, but it’s not labeled as a Netflix Original. In most of these cases, a local distributor carries the show to air, and then it comes to Netflix later.

Regions that are not getting weekly episodes of the show include:

  • The Netherlands
  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • South Africa
  • Mexico
  • Sweden

New seasons in these regions typically come exactly a year after the series premiere. Season 5, for example, came to Netflix Australia on February 17th, 2021. The series began airing new episodes on February 16th, 2020.

If that’s the case for season 6, you can expect it to drop on other regions listed above around March 6th, 2023. 

In Canada, season 5 was added around 11 months, so you too, can expect it to arrive in either late 2022 or early 2023.

Some of these regions will receive the new season much later than listed above, so keep an eye on your Netflix latest section for more info.

When will Outlander season 6 be on Netflix in the United States?

Israel and the United States finally received the fifth season in May 2022.

As we’ve noted in previous schedules for Outlander, Netflix US receives new seasons of Outlander exactly two years after they’ve wrapped up airing in the United States. That means we’ll likely not see season 6 of Outlander on Netflix US until May 1st, 2024.

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Outlander – Season 6 – Gallery

When will Outlander season 7 be on Netflix?

Yes, Outlander has been renewed for a seventh season.

It’ll be returning for 16 episodes based on A Breath of Snow and Ashes and An Echo in the Bone.

The series isn’t expected to air until the middle of 2023, meaning that if you live in Belgium, France, India, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Poland, South Korea, or Singapore you’ll get weekly episodes throughout 2023.

Those outside those regions will receive it in 2024, most likely, and those in the US won’t receive it until 2025.

outlander season 6 netflix original

Outlander Season 6 – Picture: Sony Pictures Television

Why isn’t Outlander on Netflix UK?

One of the notable regions not streaming Outlander in any capacity is Netflix in the United Kingdom.

That’s because early on, the streaming rights were sold to Prime Video, where the show continues to stream as of the time of publishing.

Also, we had even more good news recently for Outlander fans. A prequel series, called Outlander: Blood of My Blood, is in development for Starz.

It’s unknown whether the streaming rights will work the same way as Outlander but don’t count on it.

With StarzPlay growing around the globe, Starz could opt to put it there, but as a reminder, Sony Pictures Television is the ultimate owner of the show.

Are you looking forward to watching Outlander season 6 on Netflix? Let us know in the comments down below.

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