Will Peter Rabbit Come to Netflix?

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Since it’s recent release, the new film reincarnation of the classic Beatrix Potter character has been met with slightly mixed reviews. Despite this, the film still has been quite popular among young viewers and has currently grossed over $274 million worldwide. The main question that we will be covering below will be is this new 2018 film starring James Corden due to release on Netflix anytime in the future.

The film has been produced by Sony and is a live-action/computer-animated comedy. James Corden is the voice of the mischievous rabbit and co-stars alongside other talents including Margot Robbie, Domgnall Gleeson, Rose Byrne and many more. The film mostly follows Peter and his three sisters messing around in the vegetable garden of the McGregor family. But after a younger and more strong-willed Mcgregor takes over the house he makes it perfectly clear he has no intention of letting them stay.


Peter Rabbit was originally created by Beatrix Potter and was first introduced to audiences back in 1902; spanning 6 books over 10 years. Over the years Peter Rabbit has appeared in numerous TV adaptations, including a Storybook Musical produced by HBO in 1991, a 1992 BBC anthology series and more recently a CGI-animated kids TV show simply titled Peter Rabbit. 

Back in 1936 Walt Disney himself proposed the interest in making a Peter Rabbit film but was refused the rights by Beatrix, it wasn’t until many years later that Sony acquired the rights.

Die-hard fans of Beatrix Potter’s tales should also be interested in the upcoming film Beatrix Potter’s The Tales of Peter Rabbit and Friends by John Patrick.

When will Peter Rabbit be on Netflix?

The film released in cinemas in early 2018 is currently the 8th largest grossing films of 2018 (albeit we’re only 4 months in). This fact alone will definitely push the price up for any streaming sites like Netflix looking to show the film. In addition, the films production and distribution are handled by Sony and currently, this is not looking particularly promising.

Although Netflix does host a small number of Sony animated films including Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 (UK) and Smurfs: The Lost Village. The companies are competing somewhat, especially after Sony created their own free streaming site Crackle. At the moment it looks unlikely that we will see Peter Rabbit come to Netflix, at least for quite a while. If Netflix can manage to get their hands on the Streaming rights we could estimate it would arrive late 2018/early 2019.

If we hear anything that could possibly change this date we will keep this article updated.

What about Netflix DVD?

Viewers that are lucky enough to have a Netflix DVD account will definitely be getting it on DVD/Bluray, but only after the official DVD release. This is currently scheduled for the 20th April 2018, so it won’t be long at all until Peter Rabbit will be available on Netflix DVD.

Would you like to see Peter Rabbit on Netflix? We would love to hear in the comments.


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