Will Season 1 of “Who is America?” Come to Netflix?

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Who is America? – Courtesy of Showtime

Sascha Baron Cohen is back for what promises to be an explosive season as he goes undercover to ask the question “Who is America?” The series is scheduled to premiere on Showtime on July 15th, but if you’re a Netflixer or a cord-cutter you may be asking where you can watch the new series and will it come to Netflix? We’ll take a look. 

Known for his movies like Ali-G, Borat, and Bruno, Sascha Baron Cohen pioneered a new style of comedy. He manages to infiltrate and interview well-known personalities in his disguises. The new series is coming at a discordant time in America where it’s seemingly never been more divided.

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Showtime has released a ten-minute first look clip where he manages to get multiple republicans as well as well-known gun activists to endorse a new law allowing young school children to carry guns. This series is likely to be controversial so buckle up, Dorothy. We’re going in hard.

Will Who is America? Come to Netflix?

As of right now, we’ve heard no plans for the new series to come to Netflix. Showtime does have a relationship with Netflix where it brings yearly updates to some of its shows. Internationally, some Netflix regions hold exclusives to various Showtime shows, but in general, Showtime likes to keep its shows to itself.

We can’t envision Who Is America? will come to Netflix, at least for a while as Showtime looks to promote its add-on channels.

Where can you stream Who Is America?

In the United States, we mentioned that Showtime is pushing their add-ons and this show will be a big subscriber driver. Obviously, you can watch live on Showtime but if you have a Hulu or Amazon Prime subscription you can also add Showtime’s streaming platform to your subscriptions. It’s an added subscription so may get a little pricey but that’s where the show will likely stay for the immediate future.

In the United Kingdom, Channel 4 has picked up the international rights to the show and Channel 4 will premiere new episodes the day after it airs in the United States. 4oD is their streaming platform where the show will be available.

Are you going to be watching Who Is America? as it goes out or will you wait to see if it comes to Netflix?

Will Season 1 of “Who is America?” Come to Netflix?

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