‘Wrong Side of the Tracks’ Will Return for Fourth and Final Season at Netflix

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Wrong Side Of The Tracks Renewed For Season 4

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The Spanish series Wrong Side of the Tracks (also known as Entrevías) has been a consistent performer for Netflix over the past few years. The thriller starring José Coronado, Nona Sobo, and Luis Zahera is a Netflix Original title outside of Spain, with the broadcaster in Spain being Telecinco. Will there be a season 4 of the show? Yes, but it’ll also be its last.

If you’ve not seen the show yet, it’s a compelling thriller that’s about a grandfather who gets mixed up in the world of drug cartels after his granddaughter falls victim to the crime that’s dominating the city.

As a quick reminder of the release schedule for Wrong Side of the Tracks on Netflix thus far:

  • Season 1 was added to Netflix on May 20th, 2022
  • Season 2 was added to Netflix on March 1st, 2023
  • Season 3 was added to Netflix on February 23rd, 2024

In the case of all the seasons, the show has come to Netflix months or even a year after its initial air date on Telecinco in Spain.

The news that Wrong Side of the Tracks would get a season 4 came alongside the season 3 announcement back in 2023. The news of season 4 being the final season was later confirmed with leaked filming midway through 2023 by the website 20 Minutos and its Cinemania brand, which has diligently tracked the show’s production schedule since day one.

In their article, posted July 12th, they posted an article that includes a TikTok of ongoing filming for the fourth season. In January 2024, they provided an update with confirmation that filming had wrapped on the final season and that Nona Sobo would be returning.

The outlet predicts that, given that filming only wrapped around January 2024, we’ll see a more significant gap when it comes to a release date. The outlet speculates an initial October release will be on the cards before airing on Netflix. Given prior season release schedules, we likely won’t see Wrong Side of the Tracks season 4 on Netflix until 2025.

How well has Wrong Side of the Tracks performed on Netflix?

Thanks to Netflix’s top 10s, we can see that the show has been a consistent performer throughout its three seasons thus far. We’ve got full analysis of the top 10 data here, but let’s look at the first four weeks’ performance for each season:

  • In its first four weeks, season 1 got 138.38 million viewing hours
  • Season 2 got 105.55 million viewing hours in the first four weeks
  • Season 3 got 92.10 million viewing hours in the first four weeks.

Top 10 data also shows that when new seasons drop, the first season, in particular, gets a boost in viewership and then pops back up in the non-English top 10.

Although season 3 certainly got off to a poor start compared to season 2 (possibly because Netflix did not promote the third season very well), it quickly has developed steam.

Viewing Hours For Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Viewing hours for Wrong Side of the Tracks

Are you looking forward to another season of Wrong Side of the Tracks, even if it will be the final season? Let us know in the comments.

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