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When is Season 3 of Gotham on Netflix?

Is Season 3 of Gotham on Netflix?

Gotham season 3 is now over and season 4 is about to begin airing on FOX in the US. If you watch Gotham solely on Netflix, then you’re probably wondering when season 3 of Gotham is going to be on Netflix.

The DC show is among the few that belongs to the FOX network as all of their other properties are available on The CW including Arrow, The Flash and now Supergirl. Gotham started up in 2014 but instead of telling the already well known Bruce Wayne becoming Batman story, it rewinds the clock to just after Bruce’s parent’s fatal murders and goes straight from there. All your favorite villains and heroes from the Batman universe are here, just younger.

It’s amazing viewing figures and strong critic rating ensured that Gotham would be a success.

To find out when the new season of Gotham will be on Netflix, we have to take a look at the release schedule for the show on television as well as previous years to determine season 3’s release date on Netflix. Since the show’s inception, each season has aired on FOX in the first month of the fall, September and finished after 22 episodes in May the following year.

This means that it’s safe to assume it’s working on a yearly basis and that too can be found on Netflix. Each year, the latest season of Gotham is added just under a week before it airs on FOX. This year, for example, season 2 was added to Netflix on September 19th, 2016.  This means that it’s safe to say that we can expect season 3 of Gotham to hit Netflix in the US in the first three weeks of September 2017.

In the United Kingdom, the third season has been confirmed for Netflix release on September 1st, 2017.

For those outside the US, if you already have some seasons of Gotham available then you can expect an even earlier release date as it’s normally added in July/August.

We hope this helps and give you an idea of when you’ll be getting the latest season of Gotham on Netflix.

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