Top 50 Movies Streaming on Netflix: October 2017

40. The Big Short – 2015


The comedy from 2015 was one of the highest rated movies of the year and is a real steal for Netflix and a great movie to watch. In a Wolf of Wall Street scenario, it takes you to Wall Street but just before the 2008 economic collapse focussing on a few budding and greedy bankers intent on making money before the impending collapse. It stars Steve Carrell as well as Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale and Brad Pitt.

39. Police Academy – 1984

This was the first of what was to become an enormous franchise (7 movies and a TV series) and, arguably, the best. As a cash cow, the franchise was extensively milked! This is childish humor and engineered laughs and it works. The concept of completely the wrong sort of person joining the police force is appealing and the movie made the careers of some fine comedy actors. With no rude words, Police Academy is eminently family friendly and should be watched for light relief on a regular basis.

38. Sand Castle – 2017

It is arguable that not enough time has yet passed for the movie industry to look at events in the middle east with any great authority. Sand Castle is a Netflix movie (Netflix are primarily TV producers) and the script could well have started out as a TV show. There are good lines and some pleasantly funny bits. This is a good movie dealing with a difficult subject matter. Perhaps it could have been better? You decide.

37. Goosebumps – 2015


Goosebumps is a family friendly monsters movie with some nice special effects and quality performances from a largely unknown supporting cast. Jack Black in the lead role is his usual competent self. Based loosely on the series of Shivers children’s books (Black’s character is rather shamelessly called Shivers) which were, in turn, a “rip off” of the earlier series of Goosebumps books. This is the end of a procession of, er, recycled material that actually works.

36. Tropic Thunder – 2008

With a host of comedy stars and many cameos from, amongst others, Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lance Bass, Jon Voight, and Jason Bateman, Tropic Thunder works a lot better than it ought to. The premise of a bunch of actors on location becoming embroiled in a Vietnam is weak for an action comedy. It ought to be one or the other. But the dialogue is witty and the interplay between the cast strong. Lot’s of quotable quotes from this movie.

35. Fantasia – 1940


Back when colour TV’s were just becoming the big thing, Fantasia released from Walt Disney Studios. It was the third movie ever to be released by Disney and still holds up pretty well to today’s standards. Split into eight segments it makes for a perfect movie to watch over a series of sittings and features one of the most iconic Disney characters, Mickey Mouse. t features a superb score too from Leopold Stokowski and was one of the biggest selling points of the movie back when it released in 1940.

34. Beasts of No Nation – 2015


Beasts of No Nation was the movie that Netflix had in its inventory to change cinema forever. While it didn’t quite cause the revolution they were hoping for, it did leave Netflixers with one of the best movies of 2015. Thought-provoking and moving, the movie starred Idris Elba and followed the civil conflict in Africa.

33. The Commitments – 1991


The Commitments from the novel by Roddy Doyle is the story of an ill-fated Dublin soul band. While it’s often funny, sometimes moving and occasionally rather serious, it moves with a pace and the music is a delight. Several of the band members went to have successful singing careers in their own right and that is testament to what this movie is all about. It’s a celebration of some of the great songs from the soul stars of the 60s and 70s. And since half the great bands of all time have “The” in their name, it’s a shame that the Commitments never quite made it in the movie.

32. The Fury -1978

Ahead of its time The Fury was one of the scariest and most violent movies of the 1970s. With a strong cast and an eminently credible plot, the direction by Brain Di Palma makes The Fury a fine movie among his exceptional body of work. The special effects are particularly powerful and, towards the end of the movie, bring a darkness that really works.

31. Beauty and the Beast – 2014

The concept of beauty and the beast is one of the seven bases for every story ever told. As such, this just one of many versions that have been released as movies. The special effects are excellent and the acting perfectly OK. Not enough is made of the love story but, frankly, the kid’s audience at which it is aimed aren’t going to be bothered about that.

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