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The Good Place is a show that is full of comedy, friendship and experiments. Eleanor Shellstrop never was a particularly nice person, so when she finds herself in the ‘Good Place’ after dying, it’s a pretty big surprise to her. The show was created by Michael Schur and was first aired on NBC and since the second series was released, Netflix has distributed the episodes accordingly. The Good Place has also been renewed for its third season, so we can expect a 13-episode series in the future.

You’ll likely be reading this because, like us, you thought the show was pretty awesome. So, we’ve chosen five alternative shows that we think you’ll enjoy because you watched The Good Place.

Parks & Recreation

Building something new is not easy. Especially when you have people around you who are in disagreement, trying to change things and getting in the way of your own plans. Leslie Knope wants to make her town a better place – a beautiful place for the community. It’s a shame when there are so many people who get in the way of her trying to achieve something spectacular. Leslie and a local nurse, Ann Parkins, want to transform an abandoned construction site into a community park for everyone to share and enjoy. I suppose there will always be problems when you’re creating something new. Michael Schur co-created this series alongside Greg Daniels.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy, like Eleanor, is opened up to a world of new experiences. After being held in a bunker for 15 years, there’s so much for her to explore and understand in the modern world. Living in New York is everything that she imagined it to be, but life still throws trips and falls at her feet when she least expects it. The best thing about this show is Kimmy’s determination to be positive for both herself and those around her. The character development is great not just for Kimmy, but for the other main characters too. They all go through changes and have to learn how to live without something they hold close to their heart. For Kimmy, it’s just begun and there’s so much that she wants to give.

The Office

This series shares the same network as The Good Place and is also a development that Michael Schur contributed to. Much like The Good Place, this show doesn’t take itself too seriously. It is an adaptation of the BBC’s version of the show with many of the characters having similar traits too. It follows the lives of typical office workers and their crazy antics. If you particularly enjoyed The Good Placeor indeed the UK’s version of The Office, then you are bound to appreciate the US version of the show. It’s weird, wonderful and wacky. Not only that but there’s plenty to watch too – the show ran for a total of nine seasons.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23

Only available on Netflix UK

If you’re a fan of Eleanor’s don’t-care attitude then you’ll appreciate Chloe. June moves to New York to pursue her dream job and in order for her to do that, she needs a place to live. She forms an unlikely friendship with her new roommate, Chloe, who does anything and everything to try to drive June away. Chloe is played by Krysten Ritter, who many now know as Jessica Jones in the Marvel series of the same name, and it’s sure to say that you see a completely different style of acting than the dark and mysterious Private Investigator. Chloe’s mean streak is similar to Eleanor Shellstrop’s – can they both finally let someone close enough to make them a slightly more decent human being?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Only available on Netflix UK

Created by Michael Schur and Dan Goor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine focuses on the 99th Precinct of the New York City Police Department. It follows a collection of interesting detectives and the cases that they solve in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The NYPD officer Jake Peralta, who is played by Andy Samberg, and the rest face many challenges and unexpected turns. This comedy series is easy to watch and is one that gets better and better as each season goes on.

These are just a few of the shows we’d recommend if you enjoyed The Good Place – let us know if there are any other series you’d recommend watching!

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