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It’s surreal to think 2018 is almost already over. After what feels like someone has pushed the fast forward button for the past 12 months it’s pretty incredible to think the amount of content Netflix has put out this year. Here are my favorite additions of 2018.

I thought it was pretty easy to select my top 5 for the year from Netflix. This is mainly because when the content has been ‘good’ it’s been great, but there have also been many poor titles too, but we won’t be focusing on the negatives in this article!

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Outside of this top 5, there are plenty of titles I imagine many readers will be thinking “Why isn’t *title* in this list!?” Well make sure you check out Kasey and Cheryl’s picks for the year, some titles they’ve selected may even surprise you.

5. Narcos: Mexico

The Narcos franchise has been one of the most popular and strongest in the list of Netflix Originals. After the story of the Columbian and Cali cartel had ended many had been left wondering where the series would go next. While the series can effectively be looked at as the 4th season, Narcos: Mexico is its own series.

Micahel Pena and Diego Luna were perfect for their roles, the casting throughout was nothing short of great. Their performances had me hooked from start to finish. Michael Pena really got to show how good of an actor he really is and I can’t wait to see what roles he takes on in the future.

The story itself is fascinating and considering the show is based on events that happened in real life, it just amped up my intrigue even more. I can’t wait to see where the show goes next and I will be waiting in great anticipation for season 2.


4. The Seven Deadly Sins: The Revival of the Commandments

I would be hard to argue against me with my statement that The Seven Deadly Sins is the flagship anime title on Netflix. The popularity of the franchise has skyrocketed thanks to Netflix, and even though it took 3 years for another full season to release it was more than worth the wait.

I’m a huge fan of the manga so to see the anime do the manga justice is more than satisfying. Overall the anime is just fun to watch, it’s dark when it needs to be but its lightheartedness is so charming you can’t help but love it.

Hopefully, the release of the next season doesn’t take another 3-year break. But no matter the length of time it’ll definitely be worth the wait for the fourth season.

3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

It may come as no surprise that Sabrina is in my top 5 for 2018. Even though I’m not a fan of Riverdale, a reboot of the popular teenage witch really caught my interest. I can’t say I was surprised at how much I enjoyed Sabrina because after watching the trailer I jumped on the hype train!

I’ve never been big on teenage dramas but Sabrina has taken that mantle as being the ‘best’ teenage drama on Netflix.

The stand out star is easily lead actress Kiernan Shipka who plays the role of Sabrina. At only 19 years old she has a huge future ahead of her. With 3 ‘part’s of Sabrina on the way, I can’t wait to see where this role takes her.


2. Haunting of Hill House

The hardest part of this list came down to deciding my first and second placed titles. So taking the silver medal for 2018 is the amazing thriller series is the Haunting of Hill House.

When it comes to anything horror I am one of the biggest pansies going. But I just love to be scared and throughout the entire series I have left on the edge of my seat anticipating the next scare. Not to mention there is one scene where I had an out-of-body experience watching it and I bloody loved it.

The acting by the cast is one of the best I’ve seen in a TV series in a long time and I don’t believe many other actors would have done a better job.

This may sound crazy for some but I do not want a second season of the Haunting of Hill House. So before you take to the comment section just hear me out for a second. The story was executed perfectly across 10 hours of TV and for me, the story of the Cranes concluded in the finale. Whatever project Mike Flanagan has in the future, I can’t wait to watch it.


1. Travelers

This could potentially come as a surprise to many that Travelers takes my top spot for 2018. But there is something about this show that I just fell in love with.

I hadn’t watched Travelers prior to the release of season 3 but I’m happy I waited. After covering the preview for season 3 my intrigue was piqued so I decided to give it a watch. Like other shows on this list once I popped I couldn’t stop and ended up binging all 3 seasons in less than a week!

I’m a huge Sci-Fi fanboy and I love anything Time-Travel related. Also, any ‘end of the world’ scenarios is always thought-provoking and fun to watch. More than that though I really loved the cast and the progression of the story was both dark and fun and that in my opinion is a hard balance to achieve.

What are your favorite titles of 2018? Let us know in the comments below!

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