When will Season 5 of When Calls The Heart be on Netflix?

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If you love Hallmark Channel content then the chances are you absolutely love When Calls the Heart. Season 5 of When Calls the Heart has now finished airing for a number of months. When is it coming to Netflix around the world? Here’s a look at when it’ll be available. 

The period drama which is shared between Hallmark Channel in the United States and Super Channel in Canada. It tells the story of Elizabeth Thatcher who becomes a school teacher but leaves her life of privilege behind work in a small mining community.

Netflix US Release Date

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The fifth season released on Netflix out of the blue on December 29th!

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Unfortunately, predicting as and when the new season will drop on Netflix isn’t quite that easy. The first season dropped on Netflix back in May 2015 with season 2 arriving a year later in January 2016.

Seasons 3 and 4 both released on Netflix in 2017 with season 3 being added in February 2017 and season 4 in December 2017.

Given the series seems to be sticking to its January release window on Hallmark, we think it’s safe to assume that Netflix will get season 5 towards the end of 2018. A good estimate would be in December 2018.

When will When Calls the Heart Season 5 be on other Netflix Regions

Canada has the series air on Super Channel before coming to Netflix so as always, there’s quite a wait. Season 3 was the last season to be added back in February 2018. That means we’re at least 2 years out from season 5 winding its way onto Netflix CA.

Netflix in the United Kingdom gets new seasons before everyone else and is expected to get season 5 in October 2018. Australia is next with new seasons tending to arrive in November.

Will the spinoff When Hope Calls come to Netflix?

As you may have heard, a new spinoff for the show is due out for release soon called When Hope Calls. Due in our 2019, the series is set to be in a new town with a whole new set of characters.

Sadly, Hallmark isn’t adding all that much new content to Netflix at least in the United States. We’ll know after the series has started airing its streaming release schedule.

Don’t let this news have you worried regarding the future of the main series though, it’s already been renewed for season 6 and its viewing figures suggest it has a long and bright future ahead.

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