Netflix Originals Coming to Netflix in October 2021

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netflix originals october 2021

Welcome to an early look at the Netflix Originals currently scheduled to hit Netflix globally in October 2021. Below we’ll walk you through the English and non-English language movies and shows that will be exclusive to Netflix.

For those outside the United States, The CW’s Dynasty (which is marketed as a Netflix Original) should arrive throughout the month of October too but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Important to stress this is an early preview of what’s to come in October 2021 and that most titles will actually be announced throughout September 2021.

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English Language Netflix Originals Coming in October 2021


Coming to Netflix: October 1st

diana the musical netflix october 2021

Hoping to strike fire as Disney did with Hamilton, Netflix will be releasing in early October a live recording of the Broadway musical Diana which sees Jeanna de Waal play the Princess.

Naturally, Netflix has a big tie with the Royal family story with The Crown and hopefully, Diana manages to transition from stage to screen gracefully.

The Guilty

Coming to Netflix: October 1st

the guilty netflix

Jake Gyllenhaal, Ethan Hawke, Paul Dano, and Riley Keough all feature in this new crime thriller.

We follow a demoted police officer who has been assigned to the dispatch desk but has to keep his wits about him when a terrifying call reaches his desk.


Coming to Netflix: October 2nd

maid netflix

A new 10-episode limited series about a single mother who takes up a job in housekeeping to make ends meet.

Margaret Qualley, Nick Robinson, Billy Burke, Andie MacDowell and Mozhan Marnò are set to star.

Baking Impossible (Season 1)

Coming to Netflix: October 6th

baking impossible netflix

Justin Willman (as seen on Netflix’s Magic for Humans) presents this new reality series that sees bakers pairing up with engineers who have to come up with innovative creations.

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Coming to Netflix: October 6th

Shawn Levy produces this slasher which will be directed by Patrick Brice. The movie will follow Makani Young who has just moved to a quiet town in Nebraska where she quickly makes friends however they begin to get stalked by someone with nefarious motives.

The movie is based on Stephanie Perkins’ New York Times best-selling novel.

The Baby-Sitters Club (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: October 11th

baby sitters club season 2 october 2021

Based on the book of the same name by Ann M. Martin, the adventures of the baby-sitters club continue with the club growing with two new recruits welcomed in.

Here’s how Netflix describes the new season:

“With the new school year comes booming business, new relationships, personal journeys, and important lessons, but through it all the club is there for each other every step of the way.”

You (Season 3)

Coming to Netflix: October 15th

you season 3 october 2021

10 new episodes of the crime series that will see the return of Joe Goldberg as a role-model father figure. Well, not quite.

Night Teeth

Coming to Netflix: October 20th

night teeth netflix

Debby Ryan and Lucy Fry headline this new thriller coming to Netflix just in time for Halloween.

The movie, directed by Adam Randall, is about two mysterious women touring LA during a night out however the chauffeur driving them will soon have to fight for his life.

Inside Job

Coming to Netflix: October 22nd

inside job netflix

Alex Hirsch and Shion Takeuchi who are two Disney alums are now working exclusively for Netflix under their overall deals.

This new animated comedy series is set in the so-called Deep State where we follow the workers trying to keep their secrets underground.

Army of Thieves

Coming to Netflix: October 29th

army of thieves october 2021

Continuing where Zack Snyder left off with the release of Army of the Dead over the summer is Army of Thieves which has Zack Snyder in the writing chair and Matthias Schweighöfer taking over directorial duties.

The movie takes place 6 years before Army of the Dead during the early stages of the zombie outbreak with yet another heist to pull off.

Colin in Black & White 

Coming to Netflix: October 29th

colin in black and white netflix october 2021

A limited bio-pic series on the athlete and activist Colin Kapernick from Ava DuVernay’s ARRAY Filmworks.

Starring Jaden Michael, Nick Offerman, and Mary-Louise Parker.

Locke & Key (Season 2)

Coming to Netflix: TBD

locke and key season 2 october 2021

The comic-book adaptation of Locke & Key made its debut on Netflix back in early 2020 and is finally coming back this October for season 2 and even better news, season 3 is currently filming too.

The new season promises new mysteries, new keys, and lots of action. Brendan Hines notably joins the cast for season 2.

Non-English Language Netflix Originals Coming in October 2021

Forever Rich (2021)

Coming to Netflix: October 1st
Language: Dutch

forever rich netflix october 2021

Shady El-Hamus directs this Dutch comedy about a man named Richie who is on a mission to become the greatest rap artist in the Netherlands. His mission is set back after a robbery that damages his reputation.

Stuck Together

Coming to Netflix: October 20th
Language: French

stuck together netflix

French comedy from director Dany Boon who will also star.

The movie is about seven families living in a Parisian apartment building who are all stuck together during the early parts of coronavirus lockdown.

Dhamaka (2021)

Coming to Netflix: TBD
Language: Hindi

dhamaka netflix october 2021

Netflix acquired the global rights to Bollywood thriller Dhamaka earlier this year which is a remake of the South Korean movie The Terror Live.

The movie follows a frustrated anchor who has been demoted from TV to radio but his career changes when he gets numerous threat calls.

Kartik Aaryan headlines the cast and is directed by Ram Madvandi.

What are you looking forward to coming to Netflix in October 2021? Don’t forget in the months to follow, Netflix will release The Witcher season 2, Bruised, Red Notice and more!

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