New Netflix Original Stand-up Coming in 2019

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Netflix is bringing the heat next year with a massive lineup of already announced stand-up comics bringing new specials to the service. We’ve got the complete list of currently announced stand-up comedy shows planned for 2019. Sadly, most don’t have dates just yet. 

In 2018, a grand total of 68 new stand-up specials were added throughout the year. That’s up from 60 released in 2017 and the 25 released in 2016. By the end of 2018, there will be nearly 180 individual stand-up specials.

Before we begin with the lineup for 2019, don’t miss the final three stand-ups planned for 2018. Top talent is rounding out the year including Russell Brand, Vir Das and Ellen DeGeneres.

At the moment there are at least 20 comedians that have announced they’ll be doing specials in 2019 or expected to release in 2019.

Stand-up Series Planned for 2019

Some of Netflix’s stand-up series have been the best the service has had to offer. In some cases, it provides a platform to lesser-known comics but in others, it allows comedians to do something unique.

Comedians of the World

Release Date: January 1st, 2019

Poster for Comedians of the World New Year’s Day on Netflix

To kick start the year, Netflix is dumping a lot of new stand-up onto Netflix from comics both established and up and coming. The series will bring together 47 comedians across 13 regions and 8 languages. You can find out more about the lineup here but big names include Nick Swardson, Neal Brennan, Chris D’Elia, Ivan Decker, Nish Kumar and many many more. 

Historical Roasts

Release Date: TBD

Jeff Ross (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

The king of roasts Jeff Ross is coming to Netflix. You’re probably more acustomed to seeing Jeff on Comedy Central where his celebrity roasts take place. In this series, Jeff along with comics and celebrities will be looking to roast prominant historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Jimmy Hendrix and Michael Jackson.

No release date just yet but given the fact it’s believed all the episodes have been filmed, it should be in early 2019.

Comedians Announced for 2019

Now let’s go through the individual comedians that have either been announced or are expected to arrive on Netflix throughout 2019. We’ll start with returning comedians before moving onto debut performances. Most are expected for 2019 but as always, dates are subject to change. 

Comedian NameShow NameDebut/Returning?
Billy EichnerDebut
Chris Rock Second (first in 2018)
Colleen Ballinger Debut stand-up appeared in Haters Back Off!
Gabriel IglesiasTwo Shows PlannedReturning (first in 2016)
Jerry Seinfeld Second (first in 2017)
Jimmy Carr Second (first in 2016)
Katherine RyanGlitter RoomSecond show on Netflix
Ken Jeong Debut
Liss PereiraDebut
Martin MatteEh La La…!Debut
Ray RomanoRight Here, Around the CornerDebut
Ricardo QuevedoSecond (first in 2018)
Ricky GervaisSecond (first in 2018)
Tiffany HaddishFirst solo – appeared in Hilarity for Charity
Vir Das Third
Wanda SykesDebut

How to keep up-to-date with all the new stand-up special

We always try to keep on top of all the new Netflix releases here at What’s on Netflix but that’s somewhat of an impossible task. Some of the best resources we’ve found is the ever updated Wikipedia page for stand-ups on Netflix as well as our own dedicated page on stand-ups that have already released.

Another good resource is by following the official comedy account on Twitter for Netflix. Its username is @netflixisajoke but bare in mind, it also covers more traditional comedy series on top of the stand-up.

What comedian are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix in 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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