‘Sons of Anarchy’ Leaving Netflix in January 2022

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sons of anarchy leaving netflix in january 2022

Sons of Anarchy – Picture: FX / 20th Century Fox Television

All seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy are set to leave Netflix globally in January 2022. The removal represents 92 episodes of the biker gang series leaving Netflix come the first of January. 

Airing between 2008 and 2014, the series comes from Kurt Sutter (who Netflix has poached recently for a new western TV series coming soon) and follows an outlaw motorcycle club that operates in California’s Central Valley.

It’s one of FX’s most-watched series of all time and has for many years now streamed on Netflix but its time is soon coming to an end.

Removal notices are now showing on the title in many regions with seasons 1-7 set to depart on January 1st meaning your final day to watch Sons of Anarchy on Netflix will be December 31st, 2020.

According to Unogs, the show is set to depart in as many as 21 Netflix regions come January 1st. That includes Netflix in India, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and France.

sons of anarchy leaving netflix

Sons of Anarchy – Picture: 20th Century Fox Television

In many regions, Netflix has been streaming Sons of Anarchy since 2013. Netflix UK, for instance, first saw the series arrive in August 2013 and saw new seasons added every year thereafter. It’s been streaming in full since June 2015.

Netflix in the United States has already seen the FX series depart as part of the wider Fox removals from Netflix US throughout 2017 and 2018. The series departed in full there in December 2018.

Where will Sons of Anarchy stream next?

Disney+ is the answer to this question. The kids-oriented series added its Star tile in early 2021 which is host to all manner of TV shows including Sons of Anarchy. That’s where the show will likely now stream exclusively unless Disney opts to license to a service like Prime Video or a regional operator like the BBC for instance.

Removal of Sons of Anarchy Rules Out Mayans M.C. Coming to Netflix

The show notably has a spin-off currently airing in the United States in the form of Mayans M.C. Netflix has failed license that show in any region with it either headed exclusively to Disney+ Star or to other regional platforms like the BBC in the United Kingdom.

Will you miss Sons of Anarchy when it leaves Netflix on January 1st? Let us know in the comments down below.

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