When will ‘iZombie’ Leave Netflix?

by @kasey__moore
Published on October 13th, 2020, 10:26 am EST

izombie leaving netflix

iZombie – Picture: The CW / Warner Bros.

iZombie is a TV series you’ll likely frequently revisit this time of year in the season of Halloween but how much longer will you be able to do so on Netflix? After all, Netflix doesn’t own the rights to iZombie instead it’s licensed from Warner Brothers. When will iZombie seasons 1-5 depart Netflix? Let’s take a look.

Let’s quickly recap. iZombie is a series from The CW that aired between 2015 and 2019. It’s essentially a police procedural with a few big twists. Firstly, we follow Liv who was at the top of her game as a medical resident but after a zombie outbreak at a party she attended, she moves to work at the morgue where she assists in solving crimes.

iZombie featured some excellent writing and perhaps most importantly, didn’t take itself too seriously. Our views lineup with much of FilmDaily’s with some of our favorite episodes overlapping theirs.

The series is based on the comic series and adapted by Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero-Wright who were behind Veronica Mars.

With a few exceptions (such as Australia), the series streams globally on Netflix but not as a Netflix Original like some of The CW’s lineup.

Let’s cover first when the series is going to leave Netflix USA (the region we’re most confident about) then when it’ll leave globally.

When will iZombie leave Netflix in the United States?

iZombie came to Netflix under the expanse arrangement with Netflix and The CW where the US Netflix carried every show The CW produced up to 2019.

New seasons of iZombie used to arrive on Netflix every October before the entire library switched to coming roughly a week after the season finale aired on the TV network.

Once that final season was added, however, that then starts the clock ticking down on when it’ll leave the service. In the US, The CW titles take around five years to depart.

That means we’re currently expecting all five seasons of iZombie to leave Netflix USA in August 2024. That’s because season five arrived on Netflix in August 2019.

As for where it’ll head next. It’ll almost certainly be HBO Max as Warner Brothers completely owns the rights to the series after it departs Netflix.

When will iZombie leave Netflix globally?

This is almost certainly impossible to answer on a region-by-region basis as a lot of shows from The CW are shopped individually.

In the United Kingdom, for instance, it only carries a few shows from The CW but we’ve seen them leave Netflix UK roughly three years after all the seasons drop meaning we could see iZombie leave as soon as 2022.

Otherwise, we suggest you add the show to your list as that way you’ll be notified once the series has a removal date. However, we don’t suspect for most regions this will be for a number of years.

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