‘A Star Is Born’ Arrives on Netflix Internationally

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A Star is Born – Picture: Warner Brothers

A Star is Born is one of the most popular movies from Warner Brothers in the last decade. The 2018 movie featured Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. Several news outlets and social media activity suggested A Star Is Born will be on Netflix and while it’s somewhat true, it’s not the case internationally. What’s going on? Let’s take a look. 

Just to recap. The Oscar-winning musical from two years ago saw Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper perform together in a musical quite unlike anything else. It deals with complex issues and has scored well with both critics and audiences ever since its theatrical release back in October 2018.

So is A Star is Born on Netflix and where can you watch it if not?

Now usually, we don’t do articles for every movie under the sun but this one particularly caught our attention because of how many people were tweeting about A Star Is Born coming to Netflix.


Many Netflix users likely switched on Netflix today and some were and weren’t met with the new movie. So what’s going on? Well, it comes down to the tricky business of licensing.

This week, Netflix picked up the license to A Star Is Born in multiple regions including most of mainland Europe such as Spain, Germany, Portugal, and Switzerland. Other regions that reportedly got the movie including Brazil and other Latin American countries too. That’s where Netflix is still licensing newer movies from the Warner Brothers library.

Where is A Star Is Born streaming in the United States?

The good news is that there is a way to stream the movie in the United States with a subscription but as we’ve just covered, not with Netflix at the moment.

The movie was made available as part of the new HBO Max lineup. That’s not likely to be its permanent home as Warner Brothers continue to license movies to other providers (including Netflix) but as of June 2020, that’s the best place to stream the movie in the US.

What about other English speaking Netflix regions?

Netflix UK hasn’t got A Star is Born added today as it currently resides on Sky and their NowTV service (who Warner Brothers continue to have their main output deal with) and as for Canada, the movie is available with Crave.

Netflix Australia does, however, have access to the title which according to Unogs, arrived back in August 2019.

‘A Star Is Born’ Arrives on Netflix Internationally

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