Australian TV Series ‘Glitch’ Becomes A Netflix Original

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Last week, Netflix began streaming season 1 of an Australian series called Glitch. Alongside that release was the announcement that future seasons would be partly produced by Netflix and would become a full Netflix Original in many regions. 

Six episodes released around the world (excluding Australia) on Netflix on Friday and has been met with many positive reviews on the streaming service. The hour long episodes which span six episodes in the first season look to tell a chilling and mysterious story follows a group of six people who return from the dead.

The series has been praised for its dramatic twisting storyline and brilliant, yet unknown cast. Those who love The Returned, The 4400, Revenants or Resurrection will feel right at home with this series.

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The story (originally reported by Deadline) includes some key new details as to how and where the series will be going from here.

When will season 2 of Glitch come to Netflix?

The second season will continue with the firsts tradition sticking with the hour long format and once again be releasing six episodes. The only difference is that Netflix will be co-producing the series with the original provider. Similar arrangements exist for the Canadian show Between for example.

Production has literally just started for the second season so don’t expect it to be landing on Netflix for quite some time. We suspect fall 2017 is most likely but we’re unsure whether we’ll get weekly episode drops or added to Netflix all at once after it’s finished airing in Australia. It’s likely that Glitch season 1 will drop on Netflix AU around this time too.

Australian TV Series ‘Glitch’ Becomes A Netflix Original

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