‘Black Mirror’ Season 6 Episode 2 ‘Loch Henry’ Ending Explained

Here is the ending explained to 'Loch Henry' episode 2 of season 6 of Black Mirror.

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Black Mirror Season 6 Episode 2 Loch Henry Ending Explained

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For anyone confused about the ending to the second episode of season 6 of Black Mirror then allow us to try and help! We’ll also be covering the remaining episodes of Black Mirror season 6, but here is the ending explained to Loch Henry.

Loch Henry is the second episode of Black Mirror’s sixth season, directed by Sam Miller and written by Charlie Brooker.

Here’s the basic premise of the episode:

“A young couple travels to a sleepy Scottish town to start work on a genteel nature documentary – but find themselves drawn to a juicy local story involving shocking events of the past.

Loch Henry Ending Explained

After arriving at Loch Henry for a flying visit to Davis’ mother, Janet, Pia learns from him and Stuart, the son of Mr. King, the last pub landlord in the town, of the atrocities committed by Iain Adair, which ultimately led to the death of Davis’ dad Kenneth, and the decline of the town.

Pia convinces Davis to make a documentary about Iain Adair, to which he is initially reluctant but comes around. They enlist the help of Stuart, who is convinced that if the documentary is successful will bring back tourism to the town. Stuart provides them with a treasure trove of archived newspapers and news recordings that his mother had kept. He also provides them with a drone to capture the beauty of the Loch Henry countryside. However, his dad greatly disapproves of the documentary.

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The couple begins making the documentary, using Stuart’s mother’s curiosity box, but Janet walks in on the pair and learns of the documentary. Surprisingly, Janet supports the documentary and even films her own interview. After attempting to pitch the Iain Adair doc to Historik, a producer for documentaries, they are told to grab new footage and a good angle.

Together, Pia, Davis, and Stuart break into the home of Iain Adair and find the dungeon where all of the torture, and murders were conducted. To make the experience more dramatic, Davis uses his dad’s old video recorder, where they learn a tape of Bergerac, his parent’s favorite Detective series, was still inside. However, they disregard this and begin taping over the old recording. Upon reaching the dungeon, the blacklight torches used reveal the extent of the horror that took place inside. On the way back from the farmhouse, Davis accidentally crashes into a tractor, but all three walk away with little to no injury, except Davis must stay the night in the hospital.

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Pia goes home with Janet and begins to digitize the footage from that day’s recording. The recording runs out, and the shocking new revelation is revealed to Pia. Ian Adair had not worked alone. He was aided, by Kenneth and Janet, Davis’ parents, who were using Iain and his home to conduct sexual torture and murder. Pia, horrified by what she has learned is unable to keep calm, so she attempts to find her way back to town, however, Janet realizes Pia knows the truth and attempts to stop her.

Pia is able to get away from Janet with ease, and attempts to cross the river in the dark. In a tragic twist of fate, she slips, smacks her head on a rock knocking her out. Face down, and unconscious, the current of the river takes Pia. Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Mr. King, whose earlier injury landed him in the hospital, leaves his bed to find Davis and reveal the shocking truth. As for Janet, who knows it’s the beginning of the end, returns home, and retrieves all the evidence of her and Kenneth’s crimes on the kitchen table, before committing suicide.

Cut to an unspecified period of time later, and a trailer for the documentary is released, with Davis, and Mr. King taking part. We learned that Mr. King suspected Janet and Kenneth’s involvement with Iain Adair after he witnessed their behavior on a night where he had gotten drunk, and engaged in sex acts with the married couple. As for Davis, he struggled to conduct himself in his interview, resulting in him crying. We also learn that Kenneth murdered Iain, and his family, before shooting and injuring himself. Ironically, this is what led to his death.

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Picture: Samuel Blenkin (left) and Myha’la Herrold (right) Netflix Netflix

At the BAFTAS, Loch Henry: Truth Will Out, wins the award for Factual Series, where Historik Productions producer Kate Cezar accepts the award on behalf of everyone involved in the production. In her speech, Kate dedicated the award to Pia, who died after drowning, and to Davis.

At the after-party Davis is approached by an actress who compliments him on the documentary, however, it is Kate who accepts the compliment. Davis spaces out as Kate begins to discuss with the actress that they are currently casting for an adaptation of the events at Loch Henry.

Back in his hotel room, Davis receives a phone call from Stuart, who is over the moon about the documentary win and the tourism it has brought back to the town. Meanwhile, Davis left traumatized by the truth, is sitting with the note written by his mother, staring at his BAFTA, left to wonder was the truth really worth it all in the end.

Davis did not direct the Loch Henry: Truth Will Out documentary

In the aftermath of Davis learning the truth about his parents, and their involvement with the murder, and torture of Iain Adair’s victims, Historik Productions cannibalized Davis and Pia’s documentary.

At the BAFTAs, Kate Cezar, Clara Ryce, and Ted Bellingham are listed as the recipients of the award for Factual Series. This is because they would have been acknowledged as the executive producers of the documentary. As for Davis, he would have been given a producer’s credit for the work he and Pia had already done on their documentary before Historik took over.

Further evidence that Davis was a passenger in the creation of the documentary is at the after-party when he is complimented by the unnamed actress, only for Kate to take the credit.

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Picture: Samuel Blenkin as Davis Netflix

Why did Janet not destroy the evidence?

Janet was unaware of the fact that Pia had injured herself attempting to cross the river. As she believed Pia had gotten away, it was the beginning of the end as Pia would reveal the truth to Davis, and with little to no chance of escape, would be spending the last years of her life behind bars.

The least she could do was not lie to her son any longer, and reveal the shocking and heartbreaking truth. She had the insight to know that the evidence in her possession would make for an incredible documentary, and could propel her son’s career.

Sadly, all this did was bring her son pain, who became a passenger in his own story told by someone else using the work that ultimately led to the death of his girlfriend.

Was it worth it?

Staring at the BAFTA that cost him the life of his girlfriend and mother, the happy memories of his parents that now taint his childhood, he is left to wonder if success was really worth it all in the end.

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