Christmas Comedy ‘Father Christmas Is Back’ is Coming to Netflix in November 2021

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Father Christmas Is Back Netflix November 2021

Netflix has an extensive lineup of Christmas-themed movies coming this Holiday season, and what is Christmas without a film about dysfunctional families? Starring the likes of Kelsey Grammer and John Cleese, Father Christmas Is Back is coming to Netflix in November 2021, and below is everything we know so far about the feature.

Father Christmas Is Back is an upcoming Netflix Original British comedy movie directed by Philippe Martinez and Mick Davis. The feature was written by the trio of David Conolly, Hannah Davis Law, and Dylanne Corcoran.

When is the Father Christmas Is Back Netflix release date?

It has been confirmed that Father Christmas Is Back will premiere on Netflix on Sunday, November 7th, 2021.

What is the plot of Father Christmas Is Back?

Four sisters and their families reunite for a special Christmas in the heart of Yorkshire in a beautiful mansion. However, misunderstandings and a series of mishaps unearth the long-buried secret that tore their family apart many years ago.

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Who are the cast members of Father Christmas Is Back?

It’s a star-studded cast thanks to the likes of comedy legends Kelsey Grammer and John Cleese.

Father Christmas Is Back Netflix John Cleese Kelsey Grammer

Comedy legends Kelsey Grammer (left) and John Cleese (right)

Beloved in the 90s, Elizabeth Hurley has had sporadic appearances in television and films throughout the 2010s, but her first Netflix Original will certainly be her most prolific casting in a while.

Father Christmas Is Back Netflix Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley in the 90s (left) and in the year 2019

Below is the full cast of Father Christma Is Back:

Role Cast Member Where Have I Seen/Heard Them Before?
Jackie Christmas April Bowlby Doom Patrol | The Slammin’ Salmon | Drop Dead Diva
Vicky Christmas Talulah Riley Westworld | Pride & Prejudice | Inception
Joanna Christmas Elizabeth Hurley Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery | Bedazzled | Passenger 57
James Christmas Kelsey Grammer Cheers | Frasier | Transformers: Age of Extinction
John Christmas John Cleese A Fish Called Wanda | Monty Python | Fawlty Towers
Elizabeth Christmas Caroline Quentin Men Behaving Badly | Life Begins | Blue Murder
Peter Hope Kris Marshall Love Actually | The Merchant of Venice | Death at a Funeral
Caroline Christmas Nathalie Cox Exam | Kingdom of Heaven | Clash of the Titans
Felix Ray Fearon Beauty and the Beast | Hamlet | Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Jean Ania Marson Nicholas and Alexandra | Emma | The Abdication
Reverend Jane Katy Brand Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang | Pschobitches | Walking on Sunshine
Paulina Naomi Frederick Belgravia | The Children Act | The Aftermath
Richard Dave Simon Peaky Blinders | Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | TINA
Daisy Christmas-Hope Amelie Prescott *Debuting in Father Christmas Is Back*

When and where did filming for Father Christmas Is Back take place?

Filming took place in the latter half of 2020, reportedly beginning on September 16th, 2020, ending after several weeks in November 2020 when the filming was listed for post-production.

The city of York in North Yorkshire was used for filming, along with the town of Howden, East Yorkshire.

What is the parental rating of Father Christmas Is Back?

According to IMDb, Father Christmas Is Back has a parental rating of PG-13.

Will you be watching Father Christmas Is Back on Netflix this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

Christmas Comedy ‘Father Christmas Is Back’ is Coming to Netflix in November 2021

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