Definitive List of Netflix Christmas Category Codes

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Netflix Christmas Category Codes

It’s Christmas time and the chances are you’re looking for Christmas treats on your favorite streaming services. As you may know, Netflix has the so-called hidden category codes which allow you to breeze through the Netflix library with ease. Here’s your complete guide to the Christmas category codes on Netflix.

We’ve got lots of Christmas coverage for you this year including a comprehensive list of every Christmas movie on the service as well as dedicated guides and news too. You can see all the brand new Christmas movies added to Netflix US in 2019 so far here.

How to use these Netflix Codes

Netflix codes are less prevalent nowadays given they’re limited (in some ways) to Netflix use on desktops. If you’re on mobile devices or television devices, you are able to use these but only by typing out the category names which will then bring up a list of the titles.

The best way to use this list is by typing in your web browser the Netflix genre URL with the added code on the end on a desktop then adding the titles you wish to watch via your list which will then show on your other Netflix devices. Likewise, you can type this number directly into Netflix’s search function and it works.

The URL for desktop you need to use is:*INSERT ID NUMBER HERE*

List of Christmas Category codes on Netflix

Here is our compiled list of every Netflix genre code to be used over the festive period. You’ll notice there are small variations between a lot of the different categories.

  • Festive Favorites / It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Netflix (107985)
  • Christmas, Children & Family Films (1474017 / 1394522)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 5 to 7 (1477201)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 8 to 10 (1477204)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Ages 11 to 12 (1477206)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, British (1527064)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Canadian (1721544)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, European (1527063)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Feel-good (1475066)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, From the 1990s (1476024)
    • Christmas, Children & Family Films, Goofy (1475071)
  • Christmas Movies
    • Christmas Movies based on Books (1395695)
    • Heartfelt Christmas Films (1394529)
  • Festive Foods (81070994)
  • Christmas TV Shows
    • British Chrismas TV Shows (1395085)
    • Chrismas Kids’ TV (1395702)
    • Feel-good Christmas TV Shows (1431008)
    • Goofy Christmas TV Shows (1431009)
    • Christmas TV Comedies (1395700)
    • Christmas Made-for-TV Movies (1395701)
  • Romantic Christmas Films (1394527)
    • Feel-good Romantic Christmas Movies (1415060)
    • Romantic Christmas Comedies (1475072)
    • Romantic Canadian Christmas Movies (1723636)

You can find an expanded list of every Netflix category code here. Sadly, Netflix codes aren’t as big as they used to be. Hopefully in the future Netflix can expand on the future by allowing us to enter numbers into a search.

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