‘Frontier’ Season 4: Netflix Renewal Status & What We Know

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Frontier is one of the most underrated shows on Netflix and its return for season 4 has been widely unknown. Sadly, despite a few sources saying the show had been renewed, it now looks like the case that Frontier has ended and won’t return for season 4. 

Unlike The Last Kingdom (which is also getting a fourth season) which is now produced entirely by Netflix, Frontier is still only co-produced. That means unless Netflix takes up the reigns to development, Discovery Canada still has a say on the show’s future.

The show is about Declan Harp (played by Jason Momoa) who is an outlaw working in the fur trade a couple of centuries ago.

Frontier Season 4 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Reportedly Canceled (Last updated: September 2019)

Although we haven’t heard anything official from Netflix themselves. It was reported by Jason Momoa himself that season 4 is on the way. Since then, however, some of the cast members have tweeted out that season 4 is not in the works.

The first mention is in an Instagram post where he talks about the show in detail. Most importantly, however, is how he signs off with the post with the following six words: “Season 4 is gonna get dark.”

In a later video on his YouTube channel, again back in January 2019, he visits his hometown of Iowa but says he has to return to Vancouver (where Frontier is filmed) to get back to work.

In an Instagram post, Jessica Matten who plays Sokanon on the show posted saying that season 4 would not be returning. Jason Momoa later posted on his Instagram story where he said: “Rest in peace Declan” which refers to his character in Frontier.

We’ve reached out to a representative at Netflix for further clarification on the show’s future.

Jason Momoa’s schedule for the future is looking incredibly busy given he’s now fully into filming the upcoming Apple sci-fi series, ‘See’. He’s also just been announced to be starring and producing a new series called ‘Sweet Girl’ on Netflix. That’s on top of his duties to the DC Universe as Aquaman.

Could Netflix fully taking over the show’s production?

One of the biggest ongoing complaints from people on forums like Reddit is the inconsistency of the show. Whether that’s down to the writing, set design or the costumes of the character.

Jason Momoa starring in Frontier

Similar complaints were aired for The Last Kingdom early in its development but those concerns have been alleviated for its latest season which Netflix took full reigns over.

However, this obviously is down to Netflix and given we’re getting reports of cancelation, it’s likely Netflix chose not to pick up the mantel and continue the series.

When will season 4 of Frontier be Netflix?

At the moment, given the reports that the show has been canceled, there’s not much point covering when a fourth season would come to Netflix.

While we wait to hear more, we strongly suggest you watch a making-of video for Frontier season 1 that dropped in January 2019.

Let us know down below if you’re wanting another season 4 of Frontier, these fans on Twitter certainly do.

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