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Ingress The Animation – Netflix

It was a long time coming but finally Ingress: The Animation is available to audiences worldwide. The longtime wait appears to of been worth it with the series earning plenty of praise from subscribers and fans of the AR game alike. But will Ingress be returning for a second season? And, when will it return to Netflix? Let’s find out.

Ingress: The Animation is a Netflix Original anime series based on the augmented reality game of the same name. The series which was meant to air in November of last year was subject to a huge delay so the series could air weekly in Japan before arriving on the streaming service.

Craftar who is the studio behind the production of Ingress used CG for its art and animation. The Niantic game which has millions of users worldwide paved the way for other AR games such as Pokemon Go and Jurrasic World Alive.

The story follows special police investigator Makoto, who has the power to read the memories of objects he touches. While investigating a laboratory explosion that was researching an unknown substance called “XM”, he touches the ring of a woman who was the sole survivor of the explosion and sees a horrifying vision that embroils him in a massive conspiracy.

Ingress: The Animation Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated 15/05/2019)

Netflix isn’t entirely responsible for the renewal of Ingress: The Animation but they hold massive influence over the future of the show. The series may be listed as a Netflix Original but that’s because the anime series is exclusively licensed by the streaming service for worldwide distribution. Other anime titles such as The Seven Deadly Sins and Kakegurui fall into this category.

The money Netflix pays for the license to distribute worldwide is a considerable contribution to the production of the anime. But if we are to consider how popular the AR game on which the series is based on, the anime has plenty of money for another season.

Does the story warrant another season?


Most definitely! After the events of the final episode, several months have passed and Makato has spent his time being off the grid. His number one goal now is to find Jack and Sarah with a few friends helping him along the way.

What did subscribers think of Ingress: The Animation?

Ingress: The Animation Netflix Release Date

If and when Ingress The Animation returns for a second season, hopefully, there isn’t going to be a large delay from Netflix again.


Originally the series was scheduled to arrive in the fall of 2018, but the release date was pushed back till April the following year. This was because of the anime series airing episodes in Japan weekly, which concluded on December 27th.

We’re unsure on how long it took to animate the series, but unless Craftar has already begun working on the second season, we don’t expect to see it arrive until 2020. The next season could still arrive in 2019 but would air in Japan prior to arriving worldwide.

Potential Release Date: Spring 2020

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