Is Seasons 1 to 5 of Fear The Walking Dead on Netflix?

Fear the Walking Dead – AMC

Fear The Walking Dead is back on AMC for season 5 and if you’re looking for the show on Netflix, you’re going to be out of luck for the fifth year running despite many regions 

The prequel series to AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead first aired back in 2015 and has seen the show’s popularity grow with some arguing the show is now better than its main counterpart.

Season 5 is due to air on AMC from June 2nd, 2019 in the United States with its usual 16 episode season expected to take us up to Christmas 2019.

Why isn’t Fear The Walking Dead on Netflix in the US?

AMC has chosen to keep some of its newer shows away from Netflix and that includes Fear the Walking Dead.

As you may know already, The Walking Dead is on Netflix in the US but despite this and the strong relationship between the two companies, AMC opts to put its newer shows on other streaming platforms.

It was announced fairly early that Fear The Walking Dead would be coming to Hulu on a weekly basis plus hold all of the previous seasons too. That contract will exist until the end of the shows life meaning Hulu is your answer if you require to watch on streaming.

Netflix DVD does stock the first few seasons as a DVD boxset but you’ll need a separate subscription outside your normal Netflix streaming to gain access.

Is Fear The Walking Dead in any other Netflix region?

As with previous versions of this article, no other Netflix region currently holds Fear The Walking Dead either and that continues to be the case going into season 4.

The United Kingdom, for example, will have to rely on the streaming service NowTV to stream the show.

For more on AMC coming to Netflix, check out our guide otherwise let us know down in the comments if you’ll be watching Fear The Walking Dead on VoD or one of the other streaming services available.