Is Mary Poppins (1964) on Netflix?

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With Mary Poppins Returns now in cinemas, you may be wanting to rewatch the original 1964 version that released on Netflix. Here’s a look at if and where Mary Poppins is streaming on Netflix around the world.

Before we begin, let’s just talk a bit about the movie and who distributes it. Mary Poppins is an old Disney flick that combined live action scenes with hand-drawn animation. The movie was released in the mid-60s by Disney who continues to own the license till today.

Mary Poppins is a musical which sees a magical nanny appear to help an unhappy family.

Is Mary Poppins on Netflix in the US?

If you’re in the United States, Mary Poppins is not currently or has ever streamed on Netflix. This shouldn’t be any surprise given that Mary Poppins is now in the height of its popularity again.

In fact, in the US, there is no streaming provider currently carrying the show. That means you’ll have to rely on video-on-demand services to rewatch before going to see the sequel.

The likelihood of it coming is small. Instead, Disney’s new streaming service will likely carry it towards the end of 2019. The United Kingdom has it on their equivalent of Disney+ so it’s safe to assume it’s going to happen in the US too.

What countries are streaming Mary Poppins?

That’s not to say no Netflix regions are streaming the classic movie.

Currently, Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico are all streaming Mary Poppins.

Will Mary Poppins Returns be on Netflix?

The answer to this question depends on where you live. The new movie is, in fact, coming to Netflix for those in the United States or Canada. We’ve included a full release schedule and prediction there but it should be streaming on Netflix by the summer.

It’s also going to be the last new theatrical movie released by Disney that’s coming to Netflix. At least in the US.

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