When will ‘Mary Poppins Returns’ be on Netflix?

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Marry Poppins Returns will be coming to Netflix in the United States and Canada in July 2019. The Disney reboot is also going to be the final Disney movie coming to Netflix in the United States and Canada as part of the Disney/Netflix deal. Here’s what you need to know about the movie and when Mary Poppins Returns will be on Netflix. 

The sequel of Mary Poppins comes decades after the original hit. It’s got some familiar faces in the new movie and features a similar animation style too but fundamentally, this could be also considered a reboot. The new movie features Emily Blunt as well as Lin-Manuel Miranda. It got pretty good reviews from critics and has led the way for Disney’s 2019 lineup of movies which is dominated by reboots, sequels and remasters of their existing library.

When Mary Poppins Returns will be on Netflix US

Netflix has been getting new Disney movies between 6 and 8 months after the release in the cinemas. The movie released in December 2018 we were expecting it to arrive on Netflix in August but it has now been confirmed that Mary Poppins Returns is coming to Netflix on July 9th, 2019

Remember, once it hits Netflix you’ll have exactly one year and a half before it’s removed. It’ll also then return after 9 years too as part of Netflix still owning the pay 2 rights for said movies. This means we’ll see the movie likely return to Netflix in December 2027.

Why will Mary Poppins Returns be the final Disney movie to come to Netflix?

As you may know, Netflix has had a deal with Disney for the past several years. Since 2016, Netflix has gotten all new Disney theatrical releases to come to Netflix around 9 months after they first debut. That’s seen titles from Pixar, Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars all drop on Netflix.

The deal stipulates all movies released between 2016 and 2019 will come. Because Mary Poppins Returns comes just before the cut-off it’ll be the final addition. All future movies will make their way over to Disney+.

Netflix Canada will also get Mary Poppins Returns

Canadians are still involved with the Disney deal and to our knowledge, doesn’t run out next year either. The deal is roughly the same although dates do differ. If you’re in Canada, you can expect Mary Poppins to also stream in the summer of 2019.

Netflix in the UK will eventually get Mary Poppins Returns but not for another few years. NowTV usually picks up Disney movies first before coming to Netflix in the second window and then DisneyLife afterward. It’s not clear how this is affected by the new Disney+ service.

Will you be watching Mary Poppins Returns in the cinema or on Netflix? Or both? Let us know in the comments.

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