Burning Questions Season 4 of Travelers Needs to Answer

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You probably aren’t coming to this article if you haven’t watched the season 3 finale of Travelers. And, what a finale it was! Arguably leaving us with even more burning questions than we already had here are the questions we feel need answering in season 4 of Travelers.

Season finale recap

So let’s recap the finale of season 3. The Faction had ultimately won after Traveler 001 planted his conscious into an A.I and thus the internet, giving him full control of all future events. The Director’s lack of intervention was due to it submitting project omega, which meant this timeline was abandoned. What remained of Mac’s team realized that they had the tools they needed to send a one of themselves back in time before 001 arrived.

Mac volunteered to send himself into the body of his current host, but it would mean arriving 17 years before his host was meant to die. This means that even though ‘Mac’ meets Kat, he would never pursue a relationship with her and gives her a life with her fiancee Jon instead. Not only was Mac successful in his mission of stopping Traveler 001 from arriving, but he also told the Director that the Traveler programmed outright failed.

Without the influence of the Director, Mac took it upon himself to make sure humanity knows of Helios before its too late. With no Traveler 001, Marcy would not lose her cognitive functions and a sweet twist of fate was always destined to meet David. The final scene ended with the Director failing the Traveler program Version 1.0 and but ominously Version 2.0 is to begin.

The Director initiates the Traveler program: Version 2.0 – Copyright Netflix

When will the first Travelers arrive?

With Version 1.0 over, the first series of Travelers of 2.0 won’t be arriving at the same time as those of 1.0. What this could potentially mean is the next Traveler program may be delayed for years. It’s possible the first Travelers may not arrive until the events of Season 1.

It may come as a huge shock for Mac if new Travelers start appearing again. To his knowledge, the Traveler program is over and a 2.0 doesn’t exist therefore Mac could become the first point of contact for the new arrivals.

How many timelines are there?

It’s heavily hinted throughout the seasons there are millions of different timelines. Philip was able to see some of these timelines in his visions. Considering the Director works out a level of existence we aren’t supposed to comprehend but the fact it has a ‘Project Omega’ that allows a timeline to be abandoned, just how many timelines has the Director possibly abandoned?

We’ve already seen the Director intervene on multiple occasions to ensure the team we know was not murdered by the faction. So The Director may be working across more than just the timeline of events we know therefore it could come as a massive plot twist that universe X that we know is, in fact, in a series of thousands of attempts.

Does the Faction still exist?

In the original timeline, there was no Faction as those responsible for the uprising died in Shelter 41. It was thanks to the Traveler program that caused the future to diverge. Now that the program has been reset it would be safe to assume that of least for now the faction no longer exists.

To contradict what has been said above, because Traveler 001 was never sent back in time he could still be responsible for the creation of the Faction in the future. A lot of this does still reply upon the collapse of Shelter 41. With the Faction being the main antagonists of the series we don’t expect them to be defeated just yet.

Vincent Ingram the eventual leader of The Faction – Copyright Netflix

Will Mac reunite with his old team?

For many fans, this will be the biggest question weighing on everyone’s mind. The only member of the team unlikely to rejoin is Marcy. This is because, without 001, she never lost her cognitive ability and carried on her career as a nurse which ultimately lead her to meet David. Now there’s no reason why she still isn’t fated to die, but a tragic twist of fate would see David take her place as a Traveler instead.

001 never had a direct impact on the lives of the remaining hosts, therefore they would still be destined to die. Assuming this is the case then Travelers 3465, 0115 and 3326 will return as Carly, Trevor, and Philip respectively. As Mac already exists in the timeline he would likely have to follow the career of his host to ensure he is in the right city to meet his team.

The ‘Core’ team from left to right: Carly, Mac, Trevor, Marcy, and Philip – Copyright Netflix

Are there 2 of Traveler 3468?

This is a question that massively weighed on my mind after watching the finale. With the timeline changed once again there could now be 2 of Traveler 3468. There’s evidence to believe this is a possibility.

We learned from a Traveler of the Faction that the creator of the Faction was 001 from the timeline that Shelter 41 survived. With 2 Traveler 001 existing at the same time, there is potentially 2 of 3468. Even if a second 3468 is sent back in time he would be a drastically different person to the 3468 we know as Mac.

Mac is the leader of the ‘Core’ team – Copyright Netflix

Is the Director preserving its existence?

Constantly brought up throughout the series new Travelers continued to mention that no matter what the teams did, humanity was still pushed to the brink of extinction. Without realizing it the main Antagonist of the series could be the Director itself. Now while this may seem like we need our tin foil hats, allow me to explain why.

Without the Traveler program, the Director doesn’t exist. If the Travelers are successful in their mission then the Director ceases to exist. It’s easy to forget that the Director is alive and not just a program. While the Director does have programming in place to ensure the survival of humanity if there is anything we’ve learned about A.I in Sci-Fi is those programs will be broken.

The Traveler using a 21st Century A.I to communicate with the Travelers – Copyright Netflix

Could the Traveler be preserving its existence by manipulating the events of the world to ensure its creation while giving the illusion it’s trying to save it? Food for thought!

Are there any questions you have about Travelers? Let us know in the comments below!

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