Millarworld in 2019: Announced Movies, Series & Comics

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It’s been a hard year for subscribers on Netflix when it comes to superheroes. With the future of the Marvel TV shows all but over, many subscribers are questioning where their superpowered fix will come from next. Naturally, we still will be getting DC series from The CW throughout 2019 but also we’re likely getting Millarworld content. Here’s what’s currently announced to be in production and titles we can expect to either hear about or release in 2019.

Without possibly even realizing it, over the past decade audiences have already been enjoying Millarworld content. Mark Millar is responsible for the creation of popular franchises such as Wanted, Kick-Ass and The Kingsman. Many won’t ever have realized either that those titles were based on comic book titles straight from the Millarworld. The news that Netflix has acquired the license to produce Millarworld content broke in 2017 and we’ve been excited to learn what we can Millar’s work.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the titles that could debut on Netflix in 2019 and beyond.

Why Kick-Ass and Kingsman Won’t be Coming to Netflix

Netflix’s jurisdiction over the Millarworld licenses excludes both Kick-Ass and Kingsman.

That’s because these shows were sold onto other distributors a long time ago.

Taron Egerton in Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)

Kingsman is owned by 20th Century Fox who distributed the previous two movies and is set to release the third movie called “The Great Game” in 2019.

Kick-ass is the property of Universal Pictures who distributed and made the first two movies.

Of course, Netflix could pick up the streaming licenses to these movies in 2019 but we’re not privy to information confirming it.

Millarworld Movies confirmed by Netflix

Netflix has already confirmed that four Millarworld titles are being adapted into films. The following titles are receiving adaptations:


Comic Debut: 2016
Issues: 7
Netflix Format: Upcoming Movie
Potential Movie Release: Late 2019 / Early 2020

Prior to Netflix’s acquisition of the Millarworld, Empress had already undergone some pre-production for the film. The script has been completed but that is as far as its gone when it comes to production. It’s a stretch to think that Empress will be released in 2019 but there is a chance we could see the film by the end of 2019. There has been no confirmation on casting but everyone’s bet is on Anne Hathaway to take the lead role after expressing interest in 2016.

The Plot of Empress

The wife of an intergalactic dictator decides to take her 3 children away from his evil clutches and escape to her homeworld. Her husband won’t allow her to get away that easily and utilizes his power as Emporer and sends his forces to hunt her down and bring her back. The planet the Empress is the very same Earth that we are from, except this story takes place 65 Million years ago.


Comic Debut: 2015
Issues: 6
Netflix Format: Upcoming Movie
Potential Movie Release: Summer

Production of Huck is yet to begin and even pre-production is not as far as what Empress currently is. There are currently 10 chapters of the popular comic but its run ended in 2016, therefore, it is likely Huck could be a one-off film without a sequel. That, of course, depends on the popularity of the film upon release.

The Plot

A quiet seaside town has an incredible secret, that resident Huck has amazing and special gifts. Huck uses his gifts to do a good deed each day, in exchange the townsfolk by keeping the secret. But when a new resident moves into the town and tells the media of Hucks abilities, Huck has no choice but to flee the seaside town and set off an adventure that will change him and everything forever.

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter

Comic Debut: 2019
Issues: 0
Netflix Format: Upcoming Movie
Potential Movie Release: Late 2020

Out of the current films confirmed to be produced by Netflix, this is the least likely to arrive in 2019 and will be expected sometime in 2020. The comic is still currently being written and the first issue is yet to release. It wouldn’t be surprised though if some pre-production is being developed alongside the creation of the comic.

The first comic, as seen in the teaser below, is due out in February 2019.

The Plot

Sharkey is an intergalactic bounty hunter that travels across the galaxy in his rocket-powered ice-cream truck capturing criminals for their big score. Aided by his 10-year old partner, Sharkey is out to get the biggest bounty of his career.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Comic Debut: 2013
Issues: 12 (2 volumes)
Netflix Format: Upcoming Series
Potential Release: 2021

With writers and cast members confirmed, you’d expect this series was further along development than what it actually is. It’s currently expected to release in 2021.

Daredevil’s showrunner Steven DeKnight is confirmed for Jupiter’s Legacy and cast members include Jeff Bridges as Utopian, Melissa Leo as Lady Liberty, Ed Harris as Walter and Adam Driver as Brandon.

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