Is ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ on Netflix?

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The Isekai genre has fast become one of the most popular genres in recent history. With popular titles such as RE: Zero, KonoSuba, Overlord and No Game No Life (to name a few) falling into this genre, it’s easy to see why it has millions of fans. One such Isekai title people have been demanding for is The Rise of the Shield Hero. So let’s find out if The Rising of the Shield Hero is on Netflix.

The Rising of the Shield Hero is an isekai-fantasy adventure anime based on the manga of the same name. The manga shot to immense popularity during its first run from 2012 to 2015, paving the way for a spin-off title known as The Reprise of the Spear Hero. While the anime has also become vastly popular amongst audiences, it has already received its fair share of controversy. Thanks to certain elements of the story such as sexual assault and slavery, the series faced a massive backlash online. This has forced FUNimation to rewrite an English dub for the series.

In a parrel world to Earth, it has been prophecized that the world is doomed to destruction. To combat the growing threat of impending doom four heroes are summoned and given a piece of legendary equipment to help them on their journey. Gamer Naofumi Iwatani is summoned from Earth to this strange new world to become one of the four heroes. Instantly Naofumi’s arrival is a disaster when the Princess falsely accuses him of sexual assault.

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Is The Rising of the Shield Hero on Netflix US?

FUNimation currently holds the license for The Rising of the Shield Hero so don’t expect the series to be on Netflix anytime soon. If you want to watch The Rising of the Sheild Hero then you will need a subscription to FUNimation ($5.99 a month or $59.99 annually) or Crunchyroll ($7.99).

Crunchyroll is currently streaming the English dub and Japanese Sub. The first episode was at the centre of controversy thanks to elements of the story involving slavery and sexual assault. Thanks to the online backlash the English dub was delayed.

What about other regions?

First of all the only region streaming The Rising of the Shield Hero on Netflix is Japan. Naturally, the region will have access to a lot more anime titles than the rest of the world.

For subscribers in the United Kingdom, you will need access to Crunchyroll to watch the series. Alternatively, you will need a subscription service to Amazon Prime with the £4.99 add-on for the FUNimation content.

For Australian subscribers, you will need a subscription to AnimeLab. In Canada, you can watch The Rising of the Shield Hero through Crunchyroll and FUNimation like the US.

Would you like to see The Rising of the Shield Hero streaming in your region? Let us know in the comments below.

Is ‘The Rising of the Shield Hero’ on Netflix?

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