‘Magnificent Century’ is Scheduled to Leave Netflix in December

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The ever-popular historical Turkish drama Magnificent Century is sadly currently scheduled to leave Netflix. We’ve been waiting on confirmation on the release of season 2 for a long time but recently the show was listed as scheduled to leave on December 2nd.

Magnificent Century is a dramatization of the life of Sulton Suleyman the Magnificent. Sulton Suleyman was the longest reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. With his reign lasting just shy of 46 years his influence on the Empire and the world was enormous. Suleyman desired to build an empire larger than that of Alexander the Great and to solidify Ottoman dominance across Europe and Asia. Throughout his long reign, his fame as a warrior spread from East to West as his empire grew.

Magnificent Century has become one of the most popular foreign imports in the Netflix library in recent memory. While the show only had one season on Netflix, many fans have been clamoring to receive the remaining seasons. Sadly the show is scheduled to leave Netflix at the beginning of December. This doesn’t mean the show will definitely leave for good but it is highly probable the show will be removed.

Netflix had also chopped some of the episodes into smaller chunks. The original cut of the show is 90-minute episodes. This means every 2 to 3 episodes on Netflix is actually just one episode of the show. Through that format what was a 24 episode season in Turkey is 48 episodes on Netflix.

What about the sequel?

There is a sequel to the show called Muhtesem Yüzyil: Kösem (Translated to English as Magnificent Century: Kosem) but sadly, to our knowledge, this show has not yet streamed on any service outside of Turkey. Netflix doesn’t have the full episode listing from Magnificent Century and with the show scheduled to leave it is unlikely we will see the sequel streaming any time soon.

Netflix has a host of Turkish shows including an upcoming Original series called The Protector.

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