‘The End of the F***king World’ Season 2 is NOT Set for January Release Date

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*Sigh* Once again social media has shown its prowess with the ability to share false information. A recent viral post has claimed that The End of The F***ing World is scheduled for release in January 2019. We have to be the fake news police here and make you all aware that this is incorrect.

After looking into a viral Stranger Things post that turned out to be fake we did some more digging into the facebook page ‘Netflix Fans.’ Within a few short scrolls down we came across the following viral post regarding the release date of The End of The F***ing World:

Sorry to say, everyone, once again ‘Netflix Fans’ has tricked many thousands of fans of the show into believing a false release date.

This seems to be a growing trend amongst social media (predominantly Facebook) where a post is shared with false information about a Netflix release date.

The best example we can give is the Harry Potter posts that went viral. Claiming that the films were coming to Netflix, the posts failed to mention that only 2 select regions were getting the Harry Potter films. The other example is a false Stranger Things release date that was shared by ‘Netflix Fans.’

We don’t mind honest mistakes but when a post is clearly fake just to insidiously promote merchandise we just can’t ignore it. If you see any viral posts with a release date from the Facebook group ‘Netflix Fans’ we implore you to google it first rather than believe that crock of rubbish they are spreading.

So when is the release date?

Channel 4 is yet to announce a release date and seeing as season 2 was only just renewed in August it is highly likely that production is still ongoing.

As the show is on Channel 4 in the UK prior to release on Netflix US, the season will need to air in its entirety before it releases worldwide. So when a release date is given add roughly 10 weeks on from that date and you can expect the next season to air on Netflix then.

For fans in the UK, you will need to watch the show on Channel 4 as it has been reported that the show will not come to Netflix UK for of least a year after season 2 has aired. Channel 4 boss Ian Katz had this to say:

Next time we’ll run the whole series on the channel then there will be a conventional hold back of more than a year before people see it on Netflix,” he said. “It really bugs me that people think that show is a Netflix show, I really want to reclaim ownership of it – it’s absolutely a Channel 4 show.

For further information on Season 2 of The End of The F***king World make sure to check out our preview for all the news, casting and release date information


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