‘Medici’ Season 3 Coming to Netflix in May 2020

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The third season of the historical Netflix Original series Medici is due to land on Netflix in May 2020. Here’s all the details you need to know before the series lands on Netflix in most regions from May 1st, 2020. 

Note: this is an ongoing preview article and will be updated with trailers and behind the scenes as and when we get them. 

If you’ve let this historical drama get you by so far, now is definitely your chance to get in on the action. Featuring big names such as Sean Bean and Richard Madden, the series is one of the biggest hidden gems on Netflix right now.

Season 1 released on Netflix back in December 2016 but the series first airs on Italian TV network Rai 1 first. The second season, which did a reset on the cast and subject matter aired a year later and now season 3 is due out on Netflix after airing in Italy in November and December 2019.

Will season 3 be different than season 2 of Medici?

Season 3 of Medici is a direct continuation of season 2 although Sean Bean will not be returning given the events of season 2.

Story-wise, this series continues after the Pazzi conspiracy and sees Lorenzo retreating to Naples and hopefully managed to arrange a peace treaty.

The official Italian title for season 3 is “I Medici: Nel nome della Famiglia”

This season does feature some new faces, however. Back in 2018, Variety got the scoop that Christian Duguay and Francesco Montanari had joined the cast.

As per previous seasons, season 3 is set to consist of eight episodes.

What regions will stream Medici season 3?

Not all Netflix regions carry Medici unfortunately.

Those that have currently got the markers up for a third season include Netflix US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and India. All five of those regions are set to get season 3 of Medici on May 1st, 2020.

For Australians, you’ll only currently find the first two seasons on SBS on Demand.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like Netflix is going to pick up the license elsewhere but should that change, we’ll let you know here at What’s on Netflix.

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