When will Season 2 of Medici: Masters of Florence be on Netflix?

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One the lesser-known Netflix Originals is Medici: Masters of Florence, a time period drama featuring some well-known cast members and was picked up as a Netflix Original from Italian network, Rai.

The series is a Netflix Original in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland and India. The 15th century drama focuses on the Medici dynasty in Florence, Italy. It’s main star will have a recognizable face as he played a big role in HBO’s Game of Thrones as Rob Stark. Richard Madden is joined by Stuart Martin, Annabel Scholey, Guido Caprino and raft other other actors and actresses from around the world.

Although the show is based on the Medici’s it’s dramatized and can stray a little from the truth, much like Narcos did, another big Netflix Original. Season 2 is long awaited after a massive first season and is expected to once again have eight episodes.

Let’s start with the first question, has the show been renewed for a second season? The answer is yes, it was renewed shortly after the finale aired and thankfully it looks as though Netflix will be continuing its contract.

As the show airs first on a traditional network in Italy, it’s likely that the series will be returning this fall and air weekly in Italy before arriving in full on Netflix shortly after the finale airs. If the series begins airing in November as we suspect it will, that means Netflix will be getting it in December 2017.

If it doesn’t air in Italy by the end of the year, it’s almost certain that it’ll come to Netflix sometime in 2018.

We’ll update this article as we learn anything else about the next season of Medici: Masters of Florence.

In the meantime, there’s a few other shows on Netflix you should definitely be checking out. In some regions, the BBC show The Last Kingdom is streaming and also check out The CW’s Reign which offers a similar premise.

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