‘Monarca’ Canceled at Netflix; Won’t Return for Season 3

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monarca canceled at netflix

Monarca – Picture: Netflix

The Mexican drama Monarca has run its course on Netflix and will not be returning for season 3. 

First released on Netflix back in September 2019, the show eventually went on to get a second season which dropped alongside Cobra Kai on January 1st, 2021.

The show managed to stay in the Mexican top 10 charts for 27 days while also performing well in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Panama, and Honduras. The show also managed to appear in the top 10 TV charts in the United States for a couple of days too.

But now, it looks like the show is finished with no season 3 planned for the future. That’s despite season 2 ending on a pretty big cliffhanger making it hard to recommend watching the show if you haven’t done so already.

The news has been tracked closely by Mexican entertainment outlet Sensacine who stated on March 26th that the show’s return is becoming increasingly unlikely citing two Instagram posts from two of the leads for the show.

In an Instagram post on March 26th, Osvaldo Benavides said (translated into English):

“In the absence of news … I am saying goodbye to Andres Carranza. What a pleasant project. Thanks for everything and to all of us who were there. What pride to have participated. Exit bye.”

Similarly, Irene Azeual posted a similar goodbye on Instagram:

“There are stories that end even if they don’t end. A collaboration with people I admire, a set full of humor and respect, a loving cast and a first-rate crew … I am satisfied that we did a quality series to show off here and in other countries. Now we have to invent an ending, to you who saw it and to us who made it.”

Then just a couple days later on March 28th, Sensacine got confirmation that the show had been canceled according to Juan Manuel Bernal saying:

“I am very grateful, moved and surprised by everything that this news has caused, which I finally believe has already been confirmed by the Netflix platform to announce that the third season of Monarca is canceled…

… I understand your annoyance, but I am not the right person to say your annoyance to. I’m with you, I’m a bit upset because it seems to me that the series didn’t end as it had to end, we needed to make an ending, but the decision is not mine, it is not ours, it belongs to the platform”

Netflix’s output from the region of Mexico continues to ramp up, however. Luis Miguel is perhaps the biggest show from the region right now with the recent arrival Who Killed Sara? already lined up for a second season later in 2021.

So there you have it, no return for Monarca for season 3 at Netflix. Are you disappointed Netflix won’t be bringing another season of Monarca? Let us know in the comments down below.

‘Monarca’ Canceled at Netflix; Won’t Return for Season 3

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