‘Rebel Moon’ Director’s Cut Receives R-Rating from MPA and New Titles

The two extended cuts are expected to arrive in late summer 2024.

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Rebel Moon Directors Cut Officially Receives R Rating

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Overnight, word came in that the first part of Rebel Moon had been submitted to the US Motion Picture Association and had received an R-rating. In addition, the title came with a few alternative titles. 

This is a quick catch-up in case you’ve been living under a rock. Rebel Moon is Netflix’s big new fantasy movie franchise, directed by Zack Snyder. The first part was released in December 2024, and the second film was released in April 2024. Those two films were filmed back-to-back, but in addition to that, an R-rated cut was also being filmed simultaneously alongside those, so Netflix effectively paid for four films upfront.

Much has been said about the director’s cuts thus far, including their combined runtime likely being over 6 hours long. We also know that each movie has new intros, new scenes, and a lot more R-rated goodness. By all accounts, they’re going to be fundamentally different movies from the two PG-13 movies we’ve seen released thus far. We’ve put together everything we know about the R-rated extended cuts here.

In recent weeks, we’ve heard from Snyder via interviews that they were still hard at work on the new director’s cuts, with the team struggling to get the movies down from NC-17 to an R-rating. It looks like they’ve achieved that goal and the first movie is now ready to be released.

The news comes via a film rating found on the FilmRatings.com website search or the latest bulletin numbered 2832, released on May 1st.

What has the movie received its R-rating for? Well, as promised by Snyder on numerous occasions, it’s for the following: “brutal, bloody violence and gore, sexual content, graphic nudity and

What’s most interesting about this new listing is the numerous names that have been attached to the new movie, with there being one main title and two alternatives:

  • Rebel Moon – Part One: Director’s Cut (2024)
  • Rebel Moon – Chapter One: Chalice Of Blood
  • Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child Of Fire (Extended Edition)

How well is Rebel Moon Part Two performing on Netflix?

While on Rebel Moon, we should probably quickly update you on its viewing stats thus far and see if it’s likely to get a third movie. As covered in

Here’s how the first and second parts are tracking views thus far. When compared after ten days, Part 1 is ahead by a significant amount but that’s usually the case with sequels which often struggle to match the performance of the first movie.

You’ll find more on the performance of Rebel Moon and other Netflix shows in our top 10 reports.

Rebel Moon Part 1 Vs Part 2 Netflix Viewership

Are you excited for Netflix’s extended R-rated director’s cut of Rebel Moon? Let us know in the comments down below.

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