Netflix Thriller Series ‘Arbor Hall’: What We Know So Far

Everything you need to know guide for the first major Netflix project from Kalinda Vasquez as part of her new Netflix overall deal.

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Arbor Hall Netflix Kalinda Vazquez

Netflix has signed an overall deal with Kalinda Vasquez to develop new series for the streamer and the first of her upcoming projects is already in development called Arbor Hall. This is a mystery thriller about a girl who investigates the disappearance of her friend and discovers dark secrets about her school. 

Kalinda Vasquez is writing and developing the series for Netflix. The show was first announced in December 2021.

Her credits include Star Trek: Discovery, Fear the Walking Dead, Prison Break and more. Vasquez is also writing an untitled Star Trek movie for Paramount and Bad Robot, as well as adapting the sci-fi novel Roadmarks as a series for HBO with George R.R. Martin producing.

Kalinda Vazquez

Vasquez told in a statement:

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to be joining the Netflix family – it is a huge honor and joy to have a creative home at a place where originality is trumpeted and creators’ unique visions are fostered. I am so excited for what is to come.”

Alex Sapot, Netflix Director of Overall Deals added:

“Kalinda is a rare talent with a passion for genre storytelling and a trove of ideas and original concepts. We’re thrilled and privileged to support her vision and bring her distinctive voice, characters, and stories to the forefront.”

What’s the plot of Arbor Hall?

Netflix’s Arbor Hall is an original concept created by Kalinda Vasquez and is said to blend mystery, thriller, and genre story elements. Here is a logline for Arbor Hall:

“After her best friend mysteriously vanishes on the campus of their exclusive boarding school, a Latinx teen girl investigates the disappearance, only to discover an underbelly of her school that is far darker than just money and privilege.”

Who is cast in Arbor Hall?

As of January 2022, no cast members have been announced for Netflix’s Arbor Hall.

What’s the production status of Arbor Hall?

Netflix’s Arbor Hall is currently in active development with the scripts being written and pre-production starting soon. Production will most likely start sometime in 2022.

How many episodes will be in Arbor Hall?

The number of episodes in Arbor Hall is currently unknown, but we’d predict the standard 8.

What’s the Netflix release date for Arbor Hall?

Netflix’s hasn’t announced any release dates for Arbor Hall, but considering a 2022 filming start, it would probably be released sometime in 2023.

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