On My Block Season 4: Netflix Renewal Status & What to Expect

On My Block – Picture: Netflix

On My Block season 3 is now out on Netflix across the world and after another jawdropping and heart-stopping ending, you’re probably wondering what’s next for On My Block and will the series return for a fourth season? Here’s everything you can expect from season 4 of On My Block.y

The third season followed on from the cliffhanger that left us reeling from season 2. It once again featured a superb soundtrack and most importantly, made us binge so quickly that we’re once again waiting for a new season.

Has Netflix renewed On My Block for season 4?

Official renewal status: Not yet renewed (Last updated: 03/21/2020)

The show has not yet officially been renewed but there’s nothing to worry about just yet. Netflix usually waits after shows have aired before given the thumbs up to another season.

The best news regarding the future of On My Block is the fact Netflix recently signed Lauren Lungerich (who is the showrunner for the series) to a multi-year output deal. She grows the huge growing list of creators and talent working with Netflix exclusively.

When the deal was announced, Netflix’s Brian Wright said the following: “We’re thrilled to continue working with her on On My Block and look forward to other future projects.” That certainly suggests, at least to us, that On My Block has a strong future ahead.

The OMB writer’s account, naturally, is also hoping for a fourth season.

Add to that the series consistently has retained top spot since its release in Netflix’s top 10, all signs point to a renewal.

When will On My Block Season 4 be on Netflix?

Given the coronavirus outbreak disrupting almost everything concerning production, it’s super difficult to predict the future right now.

Assuming there are no additional contract negotiations that slow things down for this season, we could expect production to get up and running by close of 2020. That would mean we’d likely see the stars return at some point in 2021 but at the moment, that’s all up in the air.

Of course, the safe bet, given the previous three seasons have released in March, is that season 4 of On My Block will be on Netflix in March 2021.

What to expect from season 4 of On My Block

Let’s quickly recap the ending to season 3 before looking (and predicting) the future of On My Block.

The finale once again had us tripping with a two-year time jump taking place towards the end of the episode and saw all of our favorite characters grown up living their older lives.


What we’re expecting is the series to bridge the gap between season 3 and the ending time jump.

DigitalSpy also put together a great list of other questions that need to be answered in season 4.


Specifically, we’re hoping to find out what happens to Monse and Cesar between now and the time jump.

Perhaps most importantly, we should learn more about Spooky, has he completely got out of the gang life? The time jump certainly suggests he has.

Cesar has rised to the top of the gang but how he rose to that position is an easy plot point to fill.

Of course, with a time jump we’re desperate to know who is keeping in touch. Will the gang have a reunion or has the group splintered?

Brett Gray recently shared some of his thoughts on the show and what we can expect from season 4 in an Instagram live.

While we’re waiting for the renewal and subsequent release of On My Block season 4, we strongly advise you go and follow the On My Block writers account who will likely be the first to know about the future of the series.