‘On My Block’ Season 3: Netflix March 2020 Release Date & What We Know So Far

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On My Block is returning for season 3 at Netflix in March 2020. With filming on the third season now concluded and the release date set, here’s everything we know about On My Block including what we can expect from the story, look at how season 2 ended, who’s cast, where the production is up to and most importantly when On My Block should be coming to Netflix. 

This is a spoiler-free article up until we talk about the potential plot of On My Block season 3 a little later on.

To recap, On My Block just returned to Netflix on March 29th, 2019 for its second season. The teen drama/comedy struck a chord with fans last year which led to being nominated for multiple awards.

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So first up, if you’re just here for the release date of season 3 on Netflix, let’s not waste any more of your time.

Season 3 of On My Block will be on Netflix on March 11th, 2020.

Has On My Block been renewed for season 3?

On My Block Official Renewal Status for Season 3: Renewed (Last updated: 04/29/2019)

Roughly a month after the show’s second season released onto Netflix it’s now been confirmed to be getting a third season. Whether the show will be able to break the seeming three-season rule Netflix shows seem to be taking at the moment is yet to be seen.

On My Block - Episode 1

It took roughly a month for Netflix to renew On My Block for its second season when it did so in April 2018.

Who’s going to appear in On My Block season 3?

Some of the big names returning for season 3 include the main stars including Sierra Capri, Jason Genao Brett Gray, and Diego Tinoco.

In early August 2019, it was announced that Julio Macias had been upped to a series regular. He plays Oscar ‘Spooky’ Diaz.

Where is On My Block season 3 in production?

Current production status: Filming Concluded (last updated: November 2019)

The writers first day back at the office for season 3 took place back in May 2019.

The series was put on hold during contract negotiations. These negotiations were stalled in early July 2019 before concluding in late July.

The contract negotiations saw each of the main cast members see big increases in their pay packets going into season 3. According to a report from Deadline, contract negotiations came “down to the wire” adding that each of the four main cast members saw a bump of salary from $20k per episode up to several times that going into season 3.

In mid-August 2019, the series officially began filming its third season. The Instagram account for the writers of the show shared a picture of one of the chairs with the caption: “WE ARE BACK BABY!!! First day of shooting”.

According to our source, filming took place between August 12th before concluding on October 4th, 2019 with the series once again being filmed in Los Angeles.

In addition, Diego Tinoco posted on October 3rd that filming had concluded on Instagram saying:

Finished filming On My Block Season 3 & it’s the best one yet 🔥 Coming soon! 😘

In February 2020, alongside the release date announcement, Netflix released some of their first screens of the new season.

What will happen in Season 3 of On My Block?

Spoilers for On My Block season 3 below

Let’s talk about that insane ending. Monse Finnie (played by Sierra Capri) is done with the gang life but none of the three boys seem to believe her. It’s not until she walks away from that we see a van pull up out of focus that kidnaps Jamal, Ruby, and Cesar. Once Monse finally turns around, she also gets a bag over her head. Cut to credits.

Monse throughout the series has been reflective on her future and was looking to move to a new school to start life afresh and in episode 10 did come to a conclusion about her future.

ON MY BLOCK – Picture: Netflix

There’s a lot of theories surrounding the finale of season 2 online already. This includes a theory on how the IRS (because of the voicemail) or more likely another rival gang committed the kidnapping. Some have speculated that Lil Ricky is not dead, some have suggested it’s the kids from Brentwood or the Cuchillos.

Naturally, it’s hard to see how season 3 will pan out but it’s likely early on we’ll find out who the kidnappers are and hopefully, it begins a shift for the gang to see the errors in their ways. But probably not.

Although it’s far too early to tell, it’s likely the series will stick to a 10 episode format and most of the cast will likely return.

Will there be a season 4 of On My Block?

It’s possibly a little too early to be predicting whether season 4 of On My Block is on the way. We do know the show continues to be popular and even though many have alluded the show possibly having the three-season curse, titles in its genre such as 13 Reasons Why have gone beyond that.

Are you looking forward to the release of On My Block season 3? Let us know in the comments down below.

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