‘Pokémon Concierge’ Season 2 on Netflix: Renewal Confirmed & What We Know So Far

'Pokémon Concierge' has been renewed for a second season by Netflix.

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Pokemon Concierge Season 2 Netflix Anime 1

Picture: Pokémon Concierge – The Pokémon Company

One of the most adorable shows to land on Netflix since Rilkkuma and Kaoru, Pokémon Concierge was the perfect slice-of-life content fans had been craving. We recently had confirmation that more episodes are on the way to Netflix! Here’s everything we know about Pokémon Concierge season 2 on Netflix.

Pokémon Concierge is the Pokémon franchise’s first slice-of-life animated series and its first stop-motion project. Dwarf, the same animation studio behind the beloved Rilkkuma and Kaoru, animated the series. Creatures and the Pokémon Company also worked on the series.

Iku Ogawa directed the series, while Harumi Doki handled the writing.

Pokémon Concierge Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated: 21/02/2024)

Netflix confirmed on its socials that “New episodes” of Pokémon Concierge are in production!

Pokemon Concierge Peformance

Upon the show’s opening four days, it was watched for 3.1 million hours, converting to approximately 2.6 million views. Considering the Pokémon franchise’s popularity, we expected more significant numbers in the opening four days. However, when you consider people spending time with family, friends, and loved ones over New Year, Pokémon Concierge would have been low on the priority list.

Top10 Tv Non English 6 Dec 25 Dec 31 2023

The second week matched the first with another 2.6 million views. By the third week, the series dropped out of the top tens entirely.

What could we expect from a second season of Pokemon Concierge?

Given that the world of Pokémon now consists of over 1000 creatures of various shapes and sizes. So, there is no shortage of Pokémon for them to feature in the series.

Some of the most popular Pokémon have yet to appear in the series. We’ve seen the likes of Eevee, but none of its eight evolutions have appeared.

Pokemon Concierge Netflix Eeveelutions

Pictured: An Eevee on vacation in Pokémon Concierge (left) and the Eevee Evolutions (right)

Fans would also love to see the appearance of legendary Pokémon, which there is currently no shortage of.

Pokemon Concierge Netflix Legendary Pokemon

Picture: The many legendaries of the Pokémon world.

When could we expect to see more Pokémon Concierge on Netflix?

With a second season of Pokémon Concierge confirmed, we could see the series return by the end of the year. However, the production of stop motion is quite extensive, and a lot of love and passion went into the making of Pokémon Concierge, as can be seen in the making of the video below.

For now, we are waiting for news from Netflix on the release date of season 2.

Are you excited to see a second season of Pokémon Concierge on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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