Sex Education Season 2: Netflix Release Date & Renewal Status

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Arguably one of the funniest Netflix shows to date, Sex Education already has fans clamoring for more. With a plethora of heartbreak and hormonal teenagers available, surely Netflix will renew for a second season? Let’s find out.

Sex Education is a British-Comedy series created by Laurie Nunn. Inspired by the American school system, Sex Education’s high school life isn’t what many would consider traditionally ‘British.’

Since the release of the show, its popularity has already skyrocketed.

In rural Britain, awkward teenager Otis is a social outcast at school along with his gay friend Eric. Social-standing aside, his life is already made awkward by his inappropriate sex therapist mother Jean. A virgin to boot it’s highly ironic that ‘Bad Girl’ Maeve enlists his help in setting up a much needed sexual health therapy for their school.

Sex Education Season 2 Renewal Status

Official Renewal Status: Renewed (Last Updated 02/01/2018)

It comes as no surprise that Sex Education has officially been renewed! After a garnering a huge audience in a short period of time, it was an easy decision for Netflix to make a decision on the future of the show.

What can we expect of Sex Education Season 2?


It was a very smart move on the writers part to leave a few storylines open in case the show was a disaster. So with a few storylines left without a conclusion, there is still plenty to approach for season 2.

Otis finally found himself a girl after admitting his feelings for Ola but in the process broke Maeve’s heart. Maeve had just broken up with Jackson and admitted to herself her feelings for Otis. Heading straight to Otis’ home that she was witness to his first kiss with Ola and was already too late. In an ironic twist, she will now be the one pining for Otis’ affection much like he was in the first season.

As for Eric, he found passion in the form of the school bully, Adam. It was a long time coming (pun intended) and Adam finally let go of his machoness and had an intimate encounter with Eric while they were in detention. Sadly for Eric, Adam has been forced to attend military school. We may see Adam return for Season 2 but how will military school affect him?

Maeve (Left), Otis (Centre), Adam (RIght) – Copyright Netflix

Do fans want a second season of Sex Education?

Oh, hell yeah they do. The show hasn’t been out for long but subscribers have been flocking to watch. Already the show has gone on to become one of the most popular that Netflix has made in a long time.

As we expressed in our preview for season one, this show has something for everyone.

Sex Education Season 2 Release Date

The second season hasn’t even begun production yet so it could be a long wait. The first season was ordered in November 2017 to which it took 14 months for its release. A second season won’t take as long to produce as there would be minor cast changes, the location will likely stay the same, and a story has most likely already been planned ahead of time. Taking all these factors into account and we expect the release to be in January 2020.

Would you like to see the second season of Sex Education? Let us know in the comments below!

Sex Education Season 2: Netflix Release Date & Renewal Status

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