Super Drags on Netflix Reportedly Canceled; No Season 2

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Super Drags, the Brazillian adult animated comedy that released in late 2018, has reportedly been canceled after a single season. The cancelation hasn’t been officially confirmed by Netflix as of yet but all evidence does point to the series not returning for a second season.

As you know, Netflix has been heavily expanding into adult animated comedy in recent years with Super Drags representing the first from a country that isn’t the United States.

The series bought together drag culture and combined it with superheroes that are strongly reminiscent of the likes of The Power Puff Girls.

Has Super Drags been canceled on Netflix?

We had initially pegged the second season of Super Drags to be a sure thing citing many positive reviews from critics and users of Netflix alike. But a source in Brazil, where the show is produced, has stated that it won’t be returning.

The reporting comes from a Brazillian entertainment journalist Lauro Jardim who posted the story in Portuguese but when translated says:

Created by Brazilian entertainers, the first season of the Super Drags series debuted last month on Netflix, but despite the success, the channel has decided that the program will not have second season.

The news came on December 21st, 2018 which is a day after the most recent tweet from the English speaking Netflix social account for the show (seen below).

It was reported that the show was in at least early development for Season 2. In the article, published on October 22nd, they said:

“With debut scheduled for November 9 on Netflix, the ‘Super Drags’ design should have a long life on the platform. The column found that the animation, which initially had only eight episodes, has already planned for at least two more seasons, currently in the script phase.”

Why has Netflix canceled Super Drags?

Netflix very rarely gives out official explanations but what most cancelations come down to are three things. One, the series didn’t get enough viewers. Two, the series did well initially but not enough people completed the show. The third reason could be that the negotiations for future seasons didn’t work out.

We think that Super Drags was canceled with a combination of reasons one and two. The series peaked at 154 on IMDb and the show’s Twitter account only garnered a small amount of engagement.

Do you watch Super Drags? What do you think about the possibility of cancellation? Let us know in the comments below.

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