‘The 100’ Season 6 Netflix Release Schedule (US & Canada)

The 100 Season 6 – Picture from The CW

The 100 season 6 is due out for the release at the end of April 2019 on The CW but Netflix will also be getting season 6 of The 100 but its release will differ depending on your region. Here’s the full release schedule for when season 6 of The 100 will be on Netflix. 

Now releasing on a somewhat regular yearly schedule, The 100 is The CW’s big sci-fi series that sits alongside its other content such as teen series such as Riverdale, comedies like Jane the Virgin and

As we stated above, season 6 is due for release on April 30th, 2019 on The CW. Season 6 was announced promptly after the first few episodes of season 5 had aired.

Season 6 will see multiple big changes and some would argue, it almost constitutes the series being rebooted. It will see new cast members as well as a new planet to explore.

Now let’s go through individual Netflix regions to see when The 100 season 6 will be streaming on Netflix.

The 100 Season 6 Netflix Canada Release Date

Canadians get the best deal when it comes to The 100. You’ll be getting weekly episodes dropped onto the service. You’re probably aware of a few shows that drop on Netflix under this format and it’ll be exactly the same for season 6 of The 100.

New episodes will air in the United States on Tuesdays before dropping on Netflix on the Wednesday. The episode will be streamable at around 3 AM EST.

We’re expecting 13 episodes in season 6 so here’s the full release schedule for Netflix Canada.

Episode #The CW Release DateNetflix Canada Release
Episode 01April 30th, 2019May 1st, 2019
Episode 02May 7thMay 8th
Episode 03May 14thMay 15th
Episode 04May 21stMay 22nd
Episode 05May 28thMay 29th
Episode 06June 4thJune 5th
Episode 07June 11thJune 12th
Episode 08June 18thJune 19th
Episode 09June 25thJune 26th
Episode 10July 2ndJuly 3rd
Episode 11July 9thJuly 10th
Episode 12July 16thJuly 17th
Episode 13July 23rdJuly 24th

This table is subject to change and doesn’t include any break which season 5 had between episodes 5 & 6.

When The 100 Season 6 will be on Netflix in the United States

In the United States, the series won’t be dropping weekly but is currently expected to drop. Before 2016, you’d have to wait until October but thanks to the deal struck in 2016, new titles come to Netflix roughly a week after the finale airs.

Last year, The 100 finished on August 7th before coming to Netflix on August 15th.

Assuming there’s no break, we’re currently expecting season 6 to arrive on Netflix US in early August 2019.

But there’s a major caveat here. This year, The CW contract is potentially going to come to an end and rumors are circulating that Netflix will be losing The CW. In which case, the release of season 6 is potentially on the line. We’ve had no further evidence of this yet and will update once we hear further.

If you can’t wait for the Netflix release, there is a couple of other options. The first is to go through The CW seed application and the second is watching directly through The CW site.

There you have it, that’s when season 6 of The 100 will be streaming on Netflix in both the United States and Canada.