Titles Leaving Netflix in August 2019

Welcome to the most disliked post we do where every month, we take a look at the titles whether that be movies or TV series that are scheduled for removal throughout the month. Here’s what’s leaving Netflix in the US in August 2019. 

If you’ve missed any of the July 2019 removals, head over to our page dedicated to those. Big titles like Cars 3, Knights of Sidonia and of course, Pretty Little Liars are all facing removal.

So far, it looks as though the biggest removal of August at the moment is Death in Paradise. We’ve got more on why you should check this show out and where it’s heading in a special post.

No Disney removals are planned with August with the next few months actually looking stable for the Disney removals. Of course, we’re still contending with losing Friends in January 2020 at the moment.

Leaving Netflix on August 1st

CoverTitle / Description
CampusCampus (TV Series)
A self-promoting university vice chancellor oversees massive staffing cuts and plenty of dirty tricks to keep things going — for better or worse.
IMDb Score: 7.1/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 08/01/2016
ChuggingtonChuggington (TV Series)
Follow the adventures of Koko, Wilson and Brewster, three engines-in-training learning to ride the rails of life to become full-fledged chuggers!
IMDb Score: 6.0/10 Rating: TV-Y First Released: 12/01/2014
Death in ParadiseDeath in Paradise (TV Series)
Scotland Yard Detective Inspector Richard Poole is sent to the Caribbean island of Sainte Marie to solve a fellow policeman’s murder.
IMDb Score: 7.5/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 03/31/2017
ExtraterrestrialExtraterrestrial (TV Series)
Leading scientists gather in a custom laboratory and create sophisticated computer models of what life on other planets might actually look like.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/01/2016
Great Interior Design ChallengeGreat Interior Design Challenge (TV Series)
In this reality series, amateur interior designers on tight budgets test their mettle transforming rooms with speed and style.
IMDb Score: 7.0/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 04/01/2018
Green WingGreen Wing (TV Series)
Medical emergencies abound in this award-winning and sharp-witted medical comedy that centers on the romantic indecisions of Dr. Caroline Todd.
IMDb Score: 8.2/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 08/01/2016
Long ShadowLong Shadow (TV Series)
Historian David Reynolds outlines World War I’s long shadow of influence and the century-old conflict’s surprising impact on current events.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/01/2016
Man & Beast with Martin ClunesMan & Beast with Martin Clunes (TV Series)
Meet sacred cows, hardworking monkeys and pampered pups as Martin travels the globe exploring the complicated relationship between humans and animals.
IMDb Score: 7.0/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/01/2016
Martin Clunes: A Man and His DogsMartin Clunes: A Man and His Dogs (TV Series)
Martin travels the world to meet the wild ancestors of his beloved pets and explores the powerful bond that has developed between humans and dogs.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/01/2016
Most HauntedMost Haunted (TV Series)
From pubs to castles, paranormal expert Yvette Fielding leads a team of investigators as they explore the most haunted sites in the United Kingdom.
IMDb Score: 6.3/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 08/01/2016
The Gods of Wheat StreetThe Gods of Wheat Street (TV Series)
The head of a modern family struggles to keep his clan together despite generational differences, employment problems and local politics.
IMDb Score: 8.2/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 08/01/2016
World War II in ColourWorld War II in Colour (TV Series)
Footage of the most dramatic moments from World War II is restored in color and high definition for this historical documentary series.
IMDb Score: 8.6/10 Rating: TV-14 First Released: 08/01/2017
World War Two: 1941 and the Man of SteelWorld War Two: 1941 and the Man of Steel (TV Series)
With his nation and his psyche teetering on the edge of disaster, Joseph Stalin rebounded to be a driving force behind the defeat of Adolf Hitler.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/01/2016

Leaving Netflix on August 9th

CoverTitle / Description
Charlie Luxton's Homes by the MedCharlie Luxton’s Homes by the Med (TV Series)
Architectural designer Charlie Luxton traverses the Mediterranean, exploring the most striking houses in one of the world’s most scenic regions.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 11/09/2018
The Evolution of UsThe Evolution of Us (TV Series)
The two-part science series examines the foundational role of genetics in the course of human evolution. How can genetics impact our next stage?
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 11/09/2018
To Build or Not to BuildTo Build or Not to Build (TV Series)
Actor and experienced property developer Simon O’Brien finds other self-starters throughout the country building their own homes.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 11/09/2018

Leaving Netflix on August 14th

CoverTitle / Description
The RoyalsThe Royals (TV Series)
This documentary examines Britain’s royal family phenomenon, showcasing its role in English life through interviews with those in the know.
Rating: TV-G First Released: 08/14/2017

Leaving Netflix on August 15th

CoverTitle / Description
Panam y CircoPanam y Circo (TV Series)
Featuring recorded clips of Panam’s live performances for children, these compilations include singing, dancing, acrobatics, wild costumes and more.
Rating: TV-Y First Released: 08/15/2017
World War Two: 1942 and Hitler's Soft UnderbellyWorld War Two: 1942 and Hitler’s Soft Underbelly (TV Series)
Historian David Reynolds examines Winston Churchill’s decision to battle in Italy and North Africa in 1942 rather than cross the English Channel.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 08/15/2016

Leaving Netflix on August 17th

CoverTitle / Description
Hey Qween!Hey Qween! (TV Series)
Drag queen icons get up close and personal with hosts Jonny McGovern and sidekick diva Lady Red Couture. Hilarious antics and candid chats ensue.
IMDb Score: 5.0/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 12/17/2018
Look at Huh!Look at Huh! (TV Series)
Grab a cup and sip some tea. Talk show hosts Jonny McGovern and Lady Red interview your favorite contestants from “RuPaul’s Drag Race” and “All Stars.”
Rating: TV-MA First Released: 12/17/2018

Leaving Netflix on August 18th

CoverTitle / Description
Selling Houses with Sarah BeenySelling Houses with Sarah Beeny (TV Series)
Real estate agent Sarah Beeny gives three sellers the chance to check out each others’ homes and brainstorm creative ways to beat the competition.
IMDb Score: 7.0/10 Rating: TV-PG First Released: 11/18/2018
StrippersStrippers (TV Series)
Explore the personal and professional lives of the dancers who take it all off for cold, hard cash in Scotland’s three biggest cities.
IMDb Score: 5.3/10 Rating: TV-MA First Released: 11/18/2018
Weekend AristocratsWeekend Aristocrats (TV Series)
Peek inside some of Britain’s grandest estates, where the blood is blue and bills are high. To make ends meet, these owners bring in paying guests.
Rating: TV-PG First Released: 11/18/2018

What are you going to miss the most in August 2019? Let us know in the comments.