The Order Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

What happens if you cross Hemlock Grove with The Magicians? You have yourself a little show called The Order. One of the latest originals to release in the month of March, many subscribers were surprised to see the release of The Order arrive with so little known about it. Regardless already fans have taken to bingeing the show and are expecting a second season. But has Netflix renewed The Order for season 2? Let’s find out.

The Order is a Netflix Original supernatural-drama created by Dennis Heaton and Shelley Erikson. The Order was relatively unknown prior to the release of the trailer, but the trailer was just enough to generate some buzz upon the release of the first season. Created by nomadic studios who are responsible for the production of other popular TV shows such as Van Helsing and Fargo.

Jack Morton is a freshman at College. Out for revenge against those that killed his mother, Jack pledges himself to a secret society known as The Order. Thrust into the world of magic, and supernatural horrors as Jack delves deeper into the world of The Order he discovers there is an ongoing war between the Werewolves and Magical Dark Arts users.

Netflix Renewal Status: The Order Season 2

Official Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated 08/03/2019)

We won’t see a change in the renewal status for of least a month after the release date. This is because Netflix will be gathering data on subscribers that watch the show or lack thereof. Netflix order shows season by season and only in rare instances do they bulk order the production of shows. As we’ve stated before we can see this show being popular with younger audiences so there will be a demand for more.

Does the story warrant a second season?

Oh certainly, the finale ends on a very large cliffhanger with many questions left unanswered while generating even more in the process.

Online & Critic Reaction: The Order

Talking from experience there Cierra?

Meanwhile, someone certainly isn’t impressed…

And we also have a subscriber questioning the story of The Order and its parallels to SyFy series The Magicians.

Going by the online reaction from subscribers we believe the opinion on The Order is split right down the middle. For one thing, a split fan base will arguably get many people talking about the show and bad press is better than no press.

As for the critics, there hasn’t been too much said as of yet. Karina Adelgaard from Heaven of Horror recently posted a review and had some of the following to say:

The target audience seems to be teens which means plot and style are aimed at this demographic. It’s nothing new but The Order will probably find its audience on Netflix just fine!

Make sure to give the review a read as Karina has some fantastic and relevant points to make about the series. But overall the nail hit on the head is the fact that this show will be more popular with a teenage audience than most adults. The show will definitely find its own audience but will that be enough for Netflix to renew? Hard to say.

Potential Release Date: The Order Season 2

The release date will be dictated by the time it takes for renewal and when filing begins. If The Order is renewed for a second season, we expect the time taken between filming begins and release date to be roughly 10 to 11 Months. This is because of all the CGI and post-production work that guys into the development of the show. For now, assuming renewal happens we expect Spring 2020 for when season 2 will arrive.

Would you like to see a second season of The Order? Let us know in the comments below!