The Weirdest Show Ever Just Dropped on Netflix

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One of the strangest yet most compelling shows ever has just landed on Netflix and we’d thought we’d give you the heads up. The show will likely get buried by the Netflix algorithm by most (unless you have some peculiar history on your account) so here’s what you need to know. 

So, what’s the show in question? It’s called “Extreme Animal Obsessions” and as the title suggests, the show documents some humans with some odd obsessions taken to the extreme.

In case you missed the TV mini-series, it aired back in 2013 and only consisted of 2 episodes. These two episodes were added to Netflix on September 20th, 2018.

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What’s included in the show?

The first episode (47 minutes long) is simply titled “I Eat Roadkill”. It covers multiple subjects throughout. The first is quite cute where we see a woman dressing up insects in little costumes. Not an ordinary hobby, but we’ll let it slide.

The first episode also has a segment where girls dress up as mermaids. Again, a little weird but not the sick to your stomach feeling you’ll get during this next two segments.

The next is about a woman who exclusively eats raw meat, specifically road kill. Yes, we’re getting into strange territory here.

Finally, in episode 1, we get to see a man who spends his spare time pretending to be a dog, peeing up the walls, crawling around his house and eating out of the dog bowl. Believe it or not, he holds a fulltime job with a wife and children. Losing the will to live yet? There’s another episode to go!

Dog Man Eating Out of a Dog Bowl

The second episode will continue to make you barf as we revisit roadkill but at the very least the subject in this episode cooks her meals.

The main focus of episode 2 is a woman who loves pony play. This involves her dressing up as a horse and then proceeding to trot around the place.

No, we’re not horsing around, this is real!

In conclusion, we’d advise most to probably not watch this show on Netflix as it’s actually insane. Thankfully, no more episodes were produced in the future but is now available for your viewing pleasure on Netflix if you’re in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. Just don’t watch while you’re eating.

The Weirdest Show Ever Just Dropped on Netflix

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