‘The Woman in the House’ Season 2: Why It Won’t Return For Another Season on Netflix

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window certainly sets up a follow-up series but a season 2 is highly unlikely.

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The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl – Picture: Netflix

With one of the longest names in Netflix history, The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl made its debut on the service back in late January 2022 and as many of you know, it was always pitched as a limited series therefore, we’re not expecting a season 2 despite the cliffhanger ending. Let’s take a look at what’s been said about a second season and see how well the limited series performed.

Starring Kristen Bell, the satirical series serves as a parody for a number of movies and shows over the years including The Woman in the Window starring Amy Adams which is a Netflix Original.

The eight-episode rollercoaster of a series will only run you around four hours in viewing from start to finish and received generally positive reviews with it carrying a 6.3 on IMDb as of April 28th.

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As we mentioned, The Woman in the House ends with a huge cliffhanger with Bell’s character having to question her sanity again after the woman in seat 2A dies in the plane toilet only to disappear when she fetches a flight attendant. She knows what she saw, however, as she finds a mirror wedged at the back of the plane seat. Credits roll.

Why The Woman in the House won’t be back for season 2 on Netflix

When the show was first announced for Netflix (back in October 2020), it was always labeled as a limited series. In every subsequent post from the likes of Deadline, they always reiterated that it was a single season show.

Netflix has a growing collection of limited series and we’ve never experienced one getting renewed. It does happen elsewhere, however, with the likes of Your Honor at Showtime and The White Lotus at HBO getting season renewals even after they intended to be limited or mini-series as they’re also known.

Then the ending of the show happened which left the doors wide open for a season 2. Indeed, some point out that Netflix on the app labels the show as “season 1” as opposed to limited series like other shows do.

With that said, the show is not expected or confirmed to be returning for a season 2.

Since the release of The Woman in the House, the show has been included on Netflix’s FYC page specifically on the Limited Series list.

netflix limited series list fyc

The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl listed on Netflix’s Limited Series FYC hopefuls

The Netflix description also continues to iterate that it’s a limited series still. The description of the series as of April 2022 states:

“This 2022 limited-series dark comedy stars Kristen Bell, Michael Ealy and Tom Riley.”

Despite all this, the showrunners and lead star have teased a second season could happen despite the possibility of it being slim to none.

In an interview with EntertainmentWeekly (full of spoilers it’s worth noting), they spoke to Rachel Ramras, Larry Dorf, and Hugh Davidson who serve as the three showrunners for the Netflix series.

When asked about the fact the show is billed as a limited series but given the cliffhanger ending Davidson said that they actually spent a few days writing a season 2 saying:

“So Rachel, Larry, and I spent a good two or three days figuring out what could potentially be season 2, but we did it sort of as a joke and just to make sure we knew what the hell was going on, but we’ll see.”

Kristen Bell has even expressed interest in another iteration of the show according to PopSugar who says “she hopes to see her character solve the finale’s big mystery “within the first five minutes of episode one, and then we just go into another mystery like murders follow my character around.”

How well did The Woman in the House perform on Netflix?

The show was one of the weaker performers in shows in a similar genre and with female leads released onto Netflix in recent months.

In Netflix’s global top 10 hourly lists, the show survived for 4 weeks before dropping out. Between January 23rd to February 20th (it’s first 23 days on the service), the show picked up 133.62 million hours of viewing on Netflix around the world.

pieces of her hour data netflix top 10s

Nielsen top 10s also allow us to track the performance of shows specifically in the US. The show featured for three weeks before dropping out of their Originals charts.

  • 01/24 – 01/30 – #3 in Originals – 650 million minutes
  • 01/31 – 02/06 – #5 in Originals – 1,121 million minutes
  • 02/07 – 02/13 – #10 in Originals – 366 million minutes

Would you have liked to have seen The Woman in the House Across the Street From the Girl in the Window back for a season 2? Let us know in the comments.

‘The Woman in the House’ Season 2: Why It Won’t Return For Another Season on Netflix

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