What Happened to ‘The Netflix Afterparty’?

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In late 2020, a new talk show was announced for Netflix in the form of The Netflix Afterparty that would be a weekly show and ordered for 18 episode but only 10 have been released thus far with it unclear whether more is to come. Here’s a look at the released episodes thus far, its reception, whether more are to come and how Netflix is evolving its supplementary content offering.

Dubbed as a comedy aftershow, the series was ordered back in November 2020 and comes from Free 90 Media. An 18-episode order was given to the show and was hosted by David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes.

The show technically kicked off in mid-December 2020 with an end-of-year roundup with the actual show kicking off covering Cobra Kai on January 2nd (the day after season 3 dropped).

Release Schedule for The Netflix Afterparty

So far, 11 episodes have been released.

Originally the show was released simply under the banner of The Netflix Afterparty. This happened with the first 4 episodes before the titles began getting uploaded as individual titles (likely to help with those searching for individual shows).

The four episodes uploaded under the original series banner were separated out as new uploads on July 12th, 2021.

Here’s been the release schedule for The Netflix Afterparty thus far:

Episode Title Premiere Date
The Netflix Afterparty: The Best Shows of the Worst Year December 13, 2020
Cobra Kai – The Afterparty January 2, 2021
Bridgerton – The Afterparty January 23, 2021
Bling Empire – The Afterparty January 30, 2021
To All the Boys: Always and Forever – The Afterparty February 13, 2021
Fate: The Winx Saga – The Afterparty February 20, 2021
Ginny & Georgia – The Afterparty February 26, 2021
Dad Stop Embarrassing Me! – The Afterparty April 16, 2021
Shadow and Bone – The Afterparty April 24, 2021
The Circle – The Afterparty May 7, 2021
The Upshaws – The Afterparty May 14, 2021

Despite having access to Netflix’s biggest shows, the format hasn’t seemed to catch on.

As of September 2021, the show carries a 3.7/10 on IMDb with reviews on other platforms being around the same.

Many complain about the format just feeling wonky and there being too many hosts that interrupt the guests.

You can see a selection of the reviews rated most helpful on IMDb below:

Helpful Reviews On Imdb For The Netflix Afterparty

Helpful reviews for The Netflix Afterparty on IMDb

Will there be more episodes of The Netflix Afterparty?

What’s the future of the show? Unclear.

Since the middle of May, we’ve had no new releases with none currently scheduled in the immediate future. Of course, the show still technically has at least 7 episodes to go as part of its original order.

We reached out to Netflix who had “no news to share about future episodes at the moment”.

Netflix’s struggles in the talk show space have been well-documented before and those struggles appear to continue with this experiment too. Whether the format of the show simply doesn’t perform on a streaming service or something about the titles Netflix has made just haven’t clicked isn’t clear.

With all that said, Netflix has been aggressively been pushing into YouTube for content that complements its headline shows. It has a relationship with Static Media (owner of the website Looper) and produces videos for Netflix’s YouTube channels.

Netflix Film Club

Netflix Film Club Content on YouTube that averages around 15 million views a month

Some supplementary content also gets uploaded to Netflix too. An Aftershow special came alongside Masters of the Universe. Behind-the-scenes documentaries have also landed on Netflix for Money Heist, Army of the Dead, and The Queen’s Gambit in 2021.

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