Why ‘Hospital Playlist’ Won’t be Returning for Season 3 on Netflix

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Why Hospital Playlist Wont Be Returning For Season 3 On Netflix Scaled

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After a run of 24 excellent episodes, and two seasons of heartfelt drama, tvN’s incredible series Hospital Playlist has come to an end. With no third season announced, it looks like this is truly the end of Hospital Playlist, and below we’ll be discussing why.

Hospital Playlist is an internationally licensed Netflix Original South Korean drama series directed by Shin Won Ho, and written by screenwriter Lee Woo Jung. After an initial run of twelve excellent episodes, the series has joined the top ten of the highest-rated cable dramas in the nation’s history.

Why Hospital Playlist won’t be returning for Season 3

The best answer can often be the simplest and shortest, and in this instance Hospital Playlist won’t be returning for a third season as the story has been wrapped up in a nice bow.

Below we’ll briefly explain how the story wrapped up.

Jae-Hok received a double dose of great news as the police finally arrested the person that scammed him, and he was able to get the money back that was stolen from him. Then, four months later, Jae-Hok’s wife gave birth to a baby girl.

Meanwhile, Jun-Wan was able to reconcile with Ik-Sun, with the latter visiting them at the army barracks.

Song-Hwa and Ik-Jun go on a camping trip together, later revealing to Seok-Hyeong that they are now dating.

Seok-Hyeong is unable to move to the United States as his girlfriend has told him to stay behind in order to look after his mother. However, it’s Jeong-Won who reveals he will be moving to the US for a year with Gyeo-Wool in order to study and research small bowel transplants.

The band practices one last time, a bittersweet moment as they realize this would be the last time that all five of them would be able to practice together.

In the end, the band watches the sunset together enjoying the company of each other’s friendship.

What is tvN’s stance?

tvN is the cable network that Hospital Playlist is broadcasted on. And while the series has been a huge rating draw, K-Dramas do not typically overstay their welcome.

Hospital Playlist was always intended with 2 seasons in mind, as it was revealed ahead of time that a second season was being produced. If a third season was happening we’d have learned by now.

Hospital Playlist was a huge ratings draw

Both seasons of Hospital Playlist were a smash hit in the ratings for tvN. The first season had a season-high of 3.579 million viewers and currently ranks tenth in the list of highest-rated cable dramas in South Korean history.

The second season capitalized on the popularity of the first, with each new episode attracting more and more viewers. Season 2 ended with a series high, attracting 3.853 million viewers across South Korea. Hospital Playlist season 2 sits seventh in the list of highest-rated cable dramas in South Korean history.

Could a third season draw an even larger audience? Sadly, we may never know.

Would you like to see a third season of Hospital Playlist on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!