What time will After Life be on Netflix?

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The latest comedy series from Ricky Gervais lands on Netflix this Friday the 8th of March. After watching Gervais being ruthless in the After Life trailer we can’t wait to stream the comedy series. But depending where you are in the world will dictate what time After Life is available for you to stream. Let’s find out what time After Life will be on Netflix.

After Life is a Netflix Original British comedy series created and directed by Ricky Gervais. In his third collaboration with the streaming giant, After Life looks to be Gervais’s funniest project thus far. Ricky Gervais often comes up with through provoking concepts through his comedy. It doesn’t matter if it’s his stand up or television series Gervais will often hit the hard topics with his own brand of comedy.

After the death of his wife, Tony’s once perfect life unravels around him. Depressed and lonely, Tony contemplates suicide as life without his life is unbearable. Instead Tony decides to punish the world for cruely taking his wife away from him. The once kind Tony now does whatever he wants and says whatever he wants regardless of the repercussions. Regarding his new outlook on life like a superpower, it’s not long before his friends try to twist him back round to becoming a better person again.

What time will I be able to stream After Life on Netflix?

Depending on where you are in the world will determine what time After Life is available for you to stream.

Below is the timetable After Life will be available to stream in your region:

Time Zone Time available to stream
Pacific Standard Time 12:00 AM
Mountain Standard Time 1:00 AM
Central Standard Time 2:00 AM
Eastern Standard Time 3:00 AM
Greenwich Mean Time 8:00 AM
Central European Time 9:00 AM
Eastern European Time 10:00 AM
India Standard Time 13:30 PM
Japan Standard Time 17:00 PM
Australian Eastern Time 19:00 PM
New Zealand Day Light Time 21:00 PM

For anyone confused why you’ll not be able to stream a show from midnight everywhere, this is because Netflix releases all of their titles at PST (Pacific Standard Time). So for fans in New Zealand that are 21 hours ahead of the PST, you don’t receive titles until late in the evening on Friday.

The first season of After Life drops on the 8th of March! All 6 episodes will be released on the same day. If you wish to know more on the title make sure to check out our ongoing preview for the series!

Are you excited for season one of After Life? Let us know in the comments below!

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