When will ‘Criminal Minds’ Leave Netflix?


Criminal Minds – Picture: CBS

Netflix has yet to get season 13 of Criminal Minds which is why many are now wondering when and if Criminal Minds will be leaving Netflix over the next couple of years. We believe the answer is yes, it is leaving but we don’t know exactly when. Here’s what we know so far.

We first mentioned the fact Criminal Minds may be axed from Netflix earlier this year but subsequently, we’ve not had season 13 or 14 added nor do we expect them too.

At the moment, Criminal Minds isn’t scheduled to leave Netflix but with the untimely removal of Hawaii Five-0 on February 24th and now Blue Bloods leaving in November, it seems it’s more a question of when and not if Criminal Minds will be leaving.

For the moment, Netflix remains the only location in the United States that streams the majority of episodes. CBS All Access via its main platform and Amazon Prime channel still only acts as a catch-up service with the latest season available.

So, when will Criminal Minds leave Netflix?

Well, there are a few different scenarios. If it leaves when it’s scheduled to get new seasons, we could expect the show to go next summer. Previous dates the show has been updated on Netflix include October and September too. We aren’t, however, expecting the series now to leave until 2020.

No official confirmation from CBS either although someone did reach out to their support who said the following:

“they are working to expand [their] content to make more seasons and episodes available”.

Other CBS shows still on Netflix will likely follow suit in the United States over the next few years as contracts come to a close. NCIS is probably highest on the list of what’s likely to leave but we’ll cover when that’ll leave in more depth in another article.

No other region of Netflix currently streams Criminal Minds so as you can probably tell given the general direction, that’s not going to change anytime soon either.

We’ll keep you updated on when Criminal Minds is due to leave but for now, let us know in the comments whether you’d subscribe to CBS All Access just to watch the show.

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