When will ‘New Amsterdam’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

We may have a bit of a longer wait for the fifth and final season of New Amsterdam.

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when will new amsterdam season 5 release on netflix

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New Amsterdam is currently dominating the Netflix top 10 charts in the United States, with seasons 1-4 currently streaming in the United States. A fifth season recently wrapped airing on NBC, but will it head to Netflix?

For those unaware, New Amsterdam is the NBC medical drama following Dr. Max Goodwin, played by Ryan Eggold, trying to save one of the oldest public hospitals while also dealing with his own relationships and personal struggles.

Here’s the rundown as a quick recap of New Amsterdam’s trajectory on Netflix thus far.

  • Seasons 1-2 were announced to be headed to Netflix in January 2023 back in December 2022. Those two seasons dropped on January 1st, 2023.
  • Then on February 1st, 2023, Netflix US licensed the third and fourth seasons of the show.

That leads us to season 5 of New Amsterdam. Airing between September 20th, 2022 and January 17th, 2023, the final season of New Amsterdam notably consisted of fewer episodes than the fourth season.

Sadly, we don’t have a Netflix release date for season 5 of New AmsterdamUnlike the prior seasons, we expect the show to have some exclusivity on its main platform to drive viewership and subscribers there.

Older seasons haven’t been licensed in any particular pattern, so it’ll likely just come down to when NBC Universal and Netflix can strike a new arrangement. If we had to guess, we’ll see the final season added to Netflix over the next year or so.

Where to watch New Amsterdam season 5 before it heads to Netflix

There’s only real alternative to watching the fifth and final season of New Amsterdam before/if it heads to Netflix in the United States, and that’s via Peacock.

All five seasons can be found on Peacock but beware, unlike Netflix, where the series is available on the advertising tier, it’s only available on Peacock’s premium tier.

Will more seasons of New Amsterdam be on Netflix internationally?

What about if you’re living outside the United States? For most regions that means you only have access to the first two seasons and there’s no indication that more seasons, including season 5, are headed to your service.

Instead, as we reported a little earlier in this month, we’re seeing New Amsterdam currently showing removal notices for all those outside the United States. If you’re in Canada or Australia, you’re currently set to see seasons 1-2 leave Netflix in mid-February 2023.

Unlike international regions, Netflix US, we’ve learned, is due to keep hold of all four seasons of New Amsterdam through January 2025 as of the time of publishing.

We’ll keep you posted on if and when we learn about a new season of New Amsterdam headed to Netflix as and when we get it.

When will ‘New Amsterdam’ Season 5 be on Netflix?

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