When will Season 4 of The Magicians be on Netflix?

The Magicians – Picture from Syfy

The Magicians is coming back to Syfy for its fourth season at the end of January but if you won’t be watching it live or watching from abroad, we’ve got all the details you need about when you’ll be watching Season 4 on Netflix.

Chances are you’re probably well aware of what The Magicians is about but in case you’re not we’ll give you a bit of background. The series is based on the novel of the same name and is about a grad student called Quentin Coldwater and his time at a magic college. If you love Harry Potter, you should look further than this show for an alternative.

Season 4 is due out on Syfy in the US on January 23rd. Syfy operates in most countries so you’ll need to refer to your local listings to see when it airs live, but you’re here for when it will be on Netflix so let’s move on.


When will The Magicians Season 4 be on Netflix in the United States?

Netflix in the United States will be getting Season 4 of The Magicians and luckily, Syfy adds their content to Netflix on a consistent basis.

Here’s a look at when previous seasons have been added over the past few years:

Season NumberNetflix Release
Season 126th December, 2016
Season 212th December, 2017
Season 324th December, 2018

As you can probably guess by now, we’re expecting Season 4 of The Magicians to drop on Netflix in December 2019.

The fastest way to watch Season 4 of The Magicians is by tuning in every week. If that’s a little old school for you, Syfy has a catch-up application where you can get the episodes, but the back catalog remains on Netflix.

Photo by Syfy/Eric Milner/Syfy

Syfy looks to be continuing to work with Netflix going into 2019 with Z Nation getting its final season and plenty more shows expected to see updates throughout the year.

When will The Magicians Season 4 be on Netflix in other regions?

No other English speaking country currently streams the show. This includes the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.